The Cadaver Family

Jinx was having the strangest dream, though it was better than having a nightmare. He was in an open field, surrounded by nothing but flowers. He looked around but didn't find anything strange, then, he heard a voice.

"It looks like they couldn't keep them at bay." It was a very deep and commanding voice, with a hint of pleasure. Jinx whipped around to see a cloaked figure standing a few feet away. His face was hidden by the shadow of his cloak, but the creepiest thing was that the flowers around him were dying.


"..Am I? Is that what you want to know? Well don't worry, you'll know soon enough child. Besides, you should be worried about that man getting closer to death, shouldn't you?" He stated. Jinx knew who he was talking about.

"How do you know about that?" He weakly asked. This man scared him a little. It was almost like his presence could crush him if he wanted it to. He heard a soft whisper of noises coming from the cloaked figure, until it turned into full blown laughter.

Once he finally calmed down he spoke again, "I can smell the stench of death on him." Jinx's chest felt heavy at that statement. He felt fear in the pit of his stomach.

"Y-you…how can you…. this is a dream," Jinx backed away, "any minute I'll wake up and be anywhere but here."

"This is a dream, but I am not an imagination." The figure spoke back.


"You'll know very soon, that I am as real to the world as you are." Jinx wanted to say something back, but before he knew it he found himself waking up in the car.

"Jinx sweetie, you feel asleep in the car. Come on, get out and go into the house." He heard his mother's voice. Right now he had a really bad headache, and the bright sunlight was not helping him. "Sweetie, come on, are you alright?" She asked.

"My head hurts," he stated getting up out of the car. Then he heard his mother start rambling about why he wasn't in school and his brother try to lead her back inside. Jinxed just ignored the both of them and headed in the house. The first thing you notice is that the place looks like one of those houses in a horror movie. The cemetery itself rested on the side of the hill, so the house was just on the edge of the steep slope.

The place itself was big and looked like a castle. When you walk inside you see the wooden floor boards with a grand staircase right in front of you, that splits halfway into two other separate staircases going left and right, that lead to our rooms upstairs. The stairs are covered in a wool rug, and the handrails have these strange marking on them. Towards the left, behind the grand staircase is a wall with a bunch of pictures and a door on it, though no one is allowed in there. If you go further into the hallway under the left part of the grand staircase, you find our living room. It's a huge place with old looking furniture and a fire place. At the very end is the glass wall that gives you a clear view of the back of the cemetery, where the steep hill is. You can see how far the drop is until the trees get in the way, but then again, the cemetery is surrounded by trees.

If you head back to the entrance the reception desk for a funeral service is to the right when you first step in, and the rest of the house under the right side of the grand staircase is for the funerals' being held here. No one's allowed to be in there unless they are cleaning the place, helping with the wake and funeral, or when nobody's there. Usually though, Jinx and his siblings only go in there just to head out to the garden at the side of the house.

"Jinx, wait, we need to talk," his mother called to him just as he was almost at the top of the stairs. He looked back at his mother waiting for her to continue. "When you father comes back home from the church we are going to have a serious talk about school. This is the third time this month we've had to pick you up, so when he gets here I want you to give us a good reason why we shouldn't ground you, understand?" She stated clearly with her hands on her hips. His brother was back behind the reception desk staring at him, he wasn't sure if Ren caught on yet. Jinx looked back at his mother and nodded before heading to his there, he threw down his books and just laid on his bed trying to figure out what to say to his parents.

About an hour later, his father came home. Jinx could hear his parents talking about him downstairs. Until finally, he heard footsteps walking up the steps headed for his room. He quietly turned to face the wall, away from the door being opened. "Jinx, are you awake?" He heard the voice ask. He didn't want to talk now so he just lied still. After a few seconds later he heard the door close, and the footsteps slowly headed downstairs. After what seemed like hours, Jinx finally got up and headed downstairs to deal with his messed up problem.

"Mommy, Jinx's is awake!" He heard his little sister call out to someone behind the reception desk. His mother looked up about to say something but Jinx cut her off.

"I know, wait in the living room so we can talk," and without another word, he left.

Once his father was back inside they were all gathered in the living room. It was a few minutes of awkward silence before his father spoke up. "Jinx, why did you come home from school today?" He asked calmly. Echo Cadavere was a very kind father. His children could always talk to him without being afraid and he could always tell if something was wrong with them. He also taught his sons karate, though Jinx could never get the hang of it. He and his wife were also very smart. He helped out at one of the churches in the area, but he mainly worked here with his wife running the place. Cleaning the grave stones, and taking care of the weeds and plants that grow around the cemetery.

Jinx just shrugged and said, "I just felt sick and didn't want to stay. Just ask Ren, he saw me puke on the sidewalk." His mother looked at Ren.

"Is this true?" She asked. Ren was sitting on the floor with his back against the couch eating a cookie.

"Yup, just threw up his breakfast on the floor," he said smirking, "it was funny as hell."

"How is me throwing up funny?" Jinx snapped back at him. He was in no mood to be picked on.

"It just is." He stated. Jinx was about to say something back but then his mother interrupted him again.

"Alright, you said you weren't feeling well, but that is the third time this month, explain to me why that is." She said. Violet Cadavere was a very smart mother. She always taught her children to think things through, and to be responsible. She was a very athletic person and often played sports with them, and sometimes managed to play rough with her two sons and husband if she really wanted to, and a very girly mother when it came to her daughter. Though she wasn't really good with business deals. She left that to her husband.

"I just didn't feel well."

"Jinx, we want the truth, now." His father said with a hint of annoyance. He looked down at his hands contemplating on whether he should tell them or not. After all, they already knew he had this strange gift, or curse. Especially, if you wake up in the middle of the night screaming and crying to them after having a nightmare about killing someone when you're four years old, only to have the same thing in your dreams become reality. All his family members knew, just like they all knew Ren could talk to dead spirits, or that his little sister, Luna Cadavere, could enter peoples' dreams when they slept. We all knew these things, but when it came to his strange talent, he was ashamed and afraid to talk about it. In the end, he'd just end up feeling like a monster. "Jinx, talk to us."

"It was because…. I smelled death on my teacher." There; he said it. He finally told them why. At first the smell wasn't bad, but then as the month went by it got worse, sometimes so horrible that Jinx just felt so guilty he wanted to go home; just like he did today. He didn't meet any of their eyes, instead he just kept looking down at his hands. He hadn't mentioned his curse to them in almost a year, hoping that they'd forget about it. Though deep down he knew that they wouldn't forget something like this. He tried so hard to deal with it on his own, but he was sure that his brother and dad knew when he tried to hide it, they just never mentioned it. Probably, to not embarrass him further.

"Was it Mr. Roman?" it was his brother that spoke up first. His face was serious this time. Jinx just nodded his head, "Well, that explains why you puked right in front of him."

Luna came up next to him. Even though she could enter dreams, she never entered his. Maybe she knew just how scary his dreams were, which is why she never entered them. Luna looked through her pocket and pulled out a lollipop.

"Here, whenever my friends are sad they eat candy to make themselves feel better. They say it works, so try it." She was a naïve, annoying little sister, but also really kind. Jinx wasn't in the mood to eat anything, but he didn't want to be rude so he took the lollipop anyway and ate it. Luna's face seemed to light up with a smile.

"Thanks Luna." Jinx said. With that she was called back by her mother and lead to her room, leaving the only three boys in the house to talk.

"Do you want to talk about it?" His father asked. Jinx almost laughed at that. Did he want to talk about what? Whether he should be put in jail for murdering someone? Whether he as a psychotic person or not? Whether he's a freak or a monster? Or, just about what the hell is wrong with him? There were just too many to choose from. "Jinx, calm down!" He heard his father shout out.

He didn't realize what his father meant until he paid attention to what he was doing. He was standing up with his nails digging into his palm. Then he realized this entire time he was thinking out loud, yelling in there faces. His brother and father were standing up trying to calm him down. He slowly sat back down onto the couch and looked out the window; not meeting anyone's gaze. Too afraid that if he did, he might feel his tears threatening to fall.

His father knew well, that his son was trying his best not to cry, so he figured now was not a good time to talk about this."Jinx," his father said putting a hand on his shoulder, "it's getting late, why don't we talk about this tomorrow. You don't have to go to school, alright?" Jinxed just nodded his head. That's when he noticed his mother in the doorway.

"Jinx, Ren, why don't you go upstairs now. Just relax for the rest of the day." She said with a smile, hoping that would help. He got up off the couch and headed for his room. When he passed by his mother she stopped him and made him look in her eyes. "There is nothing wrong with you in my eyes; your just a very special boy. After all, you're name says it all."

"What's that supposed to mean?" He asked. Yes he knew what his name meant. "The Jinxed Corpse," he was a jinx, a curse. How could his name be special in anyway?

His mother just smiled before saying, "You'll know soon enough." And with that she kissed him on his forehead and let him head upstairs.

When he finally got upstairs he headed to the bathroom to wash his face. He let the cold water run down his cheeks and into the sink. He dried himself off with a towel, and almost screamed when he saw what was in the mirror. To his horror, instead of his reflection, he was staring right at a cloaked figure, or more specifically the person from his dream. At first he thought it was just his imagination, but then it spoke.

"Is this all you will do?" It asked. For some reason Jinx's mind was screaming at him to run, yell, or do anything, but something was telling him he had to listen.

"What are you talking about?" He asked him carefully.

"Are you really going to let that man die?" The figure asked. Jinx seemed to get mad at this comment.

"What do you want me to do? How can I stop it if I'm the one killing them?" He snapped back. Jinx new he'd feel like choking on those next words, "I'm the monster that's killing them."

The figure just chuckled. "You are a foolish child, do you honestly believe you are really the one murdering them?" Jinx was shocked and confused at what this thing was saying. "You see their deaths, but are you watching through your own eyes, or someone else's eyes?"

"W-what are you talking about?" Jinx asked, already very confused.

"What you see are people being killed who should not die. These people shouldn't be killed, if you smell death on them then that is a sign that they will die, not by your hands, but by something else's." It stated.

"It's not "something," it's someone. Those people are dying by other people's hands." Jinx didn't understand what this thing was saying.

"You are right, but who is the one influencing there deadly thought. Fueling there passion, desire, jealousy, anger, hatred, and all other thoughts that lead them to kill?"

"H-How would you know? Ho do you know any of this?" Jinx's hands gripped tighter to the towel. Getting very nervous.

"I know this because only the Grim Reaper is allowed to kill. Only they can kill humans that should die. These people you see dying are people that should not die yet. Something is killing these people, and it is not the Reaper."Jinx wasn't sure if this was just him going crazy or if this conversation was really happening. The Grim Reaper, really?

Jinx's nervousness was replaced by shock and confusion. "How would you know if they should die? How do you know any of this?" For some reason deep down inside Jinx knew the answer, but he didn't want to be right.

"I know this because I was The Grim Reaper." His words became fire, adding to the burning heat of anxiety in the pit of Jinxes' stomach.

"If that's true then, what happened? Why don't you do something about these killers then, why are you bothering me?" He snapped, starting to panic. He started hearing footsteps come up the stairs, so he quickly locked the door.

"I am no longer the Reaper, and neither will the current one be either. The new Reaper must stop these killings." He stated quietly.

"Then who's going to stop these people from being killed then?" Jinx will soon know how much he'd wish he never asked that question, because what comes next won't be something he ever wanted to hear.

"You will be the one that will save these people. You are the one who is to kill those that are to die and save those who should live. You are the next Reaper."


Hello readers. I hope you like this chapter, I'll continue to try my best with my stories, so I hope you're enjoying the it. The names of the cadavere children each have a meaning I will try to incorparate into the story. Unless you can't wait, and want to know beforehand. Then, you can PM me and I'll try to explain the meaning behind there first name, or you can just google it. Tell me what you think, I am open to anything that will improve my writing :)