By Kazemizu7


The gallant lion walks, its head high.

From the might of his swing, none will oppose.

Yet, a noble lord upholding benevolent justice,

Full of radiance and warmth, a friend to all.

Inti, the immortal sun, descends. From his home, he sets off for the world.

Far from home, the road long swallowed by shadow.

The thunderous roar, so close that the beast must be there.

From the foliage, yellow flickering lights.

Nothing is as it seems, shadows hid all.

Undeterred, Inti walks, for nothing he fears. After all, not all truths are lost.

With the setting of the sun, the moon will rise.

When hunger growls, sustenance must be acquired.

Shelter protects from the elements.

Companionship and solitude.

By the great miracle of water starts a twained encounter, Inti and Isis.

The chain unbinds, the rope snaps.

From within widens a pit.

Drowning in darkness, there's nothing to hold.

Forever falling, never to behold a faint light.

The eternal Inti, bringer of light and heat, rescinds his gifts. The world black with ice.

Sweet Isis, chained to another, neither by fate or will.

Their desire is your cage.