Little Guardian Angel, I do see.
Watching over you and me.
She sits there day,
and sits there night.
Watching the dead.
and the alive.

As she guides the light for me.
Telling me how I should be.
Her heart begins to freeze.
The darkness comes to retrieve.

Little Fallen Angel, I do see.
Watching over you and me.
She cries all day,
and cries all night.
Hating death,
and hating life.

She feels their pain,
and they feel hers too.
The darkness in her,
consumes me and you.

Dark little Angel, I do see.
Plotting over you and me.
She laughs all day,
and laughs all night.
Haunting the dead,
and the alive.

She holds her scythe high in the air.
Swinging her weapon,
as they meet their despair.
Wishing they were never there.

Sad little Angel, I do see.
Wishing she could be like me.
She moans all day,
and moans all night,
wishing she was dead,
and not alive.

She slits her wrists,
like humans do.
Hoping the pain,
would leave her too.

Dead little Angel, I do see,
Blood pooling from her to me.
She's dead today,
and dead tonight.
Her wish came true,
she lost her fight.

No one cries,
for no one sees.
This little angel,
dead with me.

Gone little Angel, I don't see.
She's left you and me.
She's gone at day,
and gone at night.
She's not dead,
nor alive.