Do you remember when we went to the ice cream shop?
It was our very first date.
I spent hours getting ready,
I was nervous, just amazed.

But then a little later.
we went to a movie or two.
You put your arm around me,
that's what I love about you.

You'd make me smile,
even after I cried.
You held me close,
after my mom died.

And even when I yelled at you,
regretting every word.
You still came back to me.
and said it was unheard.

When you got that new video game,
you asked me over to play.
We played for hours,
forgetting about the day.

I never really noticed,
just how fantastic you are.
Until I didn't have you,
You seemed so far.

You were in the hospital,
for I don't know how long.
It scared me so much,
they didn't know what was wrong.

I didn't know what to say,
when you came back home.
I was so happy,
that I just didn't know.

So, I just want to say,
that I'm here for you.
Because you've been here for me,
since the day I met you.