John Dante lies on chest in an alley, naked, body covered in scars. Just moments earlier his body was on fire. Pain had consumed his body. But now he is fine. Well, as fine as he will ever be. Now the scars spontaneously heal and quickly fade away, removing any evidence of third degree burns.

With the scars having faded away, Dante slowly regains consciousness and turns over onto his back. Sitting up, his head throbs with pain. Looking around, Dante tries to figure out where he is. Thinking back, he tries to remember what happened to him. Nothing comes to mind however.

Dante then regains his footing and stands up. While he beings to walk, he soon realizes that he is naked. He scans the alley, trying to find something to cover himself up with. To his disappointment, there is nothing salvage here, nothing, not even a dumpster.

Dante then swears under his breath before leaving the alley, deciding that it would be better to take his chances out here than to just wait for trouble in the alley.

After exiting the alley, Dante walks alongside the sidewalk. The streets are deserted with only parked cars sitting at the side of the street. This is definitely not New York, Dante thinks to himself as he proceeds through the sidewalk.

Dante continues to walk until he reaches another alley. He stops when he hears a voice calling out to him.

"And I thought that I was fucked up," the voice says, weakly.

Dante instinctively turns his head to where the voice came from. In the alley he sees a young vagrant sitting on top of a dumpster, drunk off his ass. The vagrant then proceeds to laugh at Dante's nudity.

Dante's first thought is to just ignore him but then he realizes that the vagrant is wearing clothes. Forcing an evil grin, Dante proceeds to enter the alley.

The vagrant just continues to laugh as Dante gets closer and closer to him. Eventually the vagrant stands up and holds his arms out to Dante as if he were expecting a hug from him or something.

Grabbing both his arms, Dante yanks the vagrant towards him so that both their heads are able to meet with Dante smashing his head into the vagrant's, knocking him out.

Dante then tosses the unconscious vagrant to the ground and proceeds to remove his clothes, first taking off his shoes and pants and then moving over to the front of his body where he removes his jacket and shirt.

Dante puts the vagrant's dirt filled jeans on before picking up his shirt, which he deems to be so filthy that it is not even worth wearing so he just discards it in favor of just wearing his hoodie sweatshirt. He then puts on the vagrant's shoes before leaving the alley.

Unbeknownst to him, a cop was watching from his squad car which he had parked along the side of the road at his post. After witnessing his assault on the vagrant, the cop has now exited his patrol car and is now heading over to Dante to make the arrest.

"What are you doing?" the cop asks Dante from behind.

Upon hearing the cop's voice, Dante turns around.

"I don't know," Dante answers, stupidly.

"Well it seems to me that you just took the clothes from that man in the alley," the cop says, now taking a more direct approach.

Dante, not knowing what to say, answers, "So it would seem."

The cop studies Dante before coming to conclusions. "Are you high?"

"Excuse me?"

"I think you're high, son, why don't you just come down to the station with me?" the cops says, using a calm, almost fatherly voice. The man is of African American descent and has that fatherly voice and demeanor to him. It also helps that he has got children of his own.

Dante is at first soothed by the cop's helpful approach and realizes that he may just be trying to help him. But something inside him tells him otherwise, leaving him to be indecisive. That part of him says that the cop doesn't give a shit about him and that he just wants to book him.

As Dante stands there, with an angel on one shoulder and a demon on another, he quickly comes to his own conclusion: regardless of the officer's intentions, he had got no real say in the matter; he will have to go with the cop no matter what.

So after giving it a thought, Dante runs with the devil. This takes the officer off guard who orders for him to fault. He would take off after him but his heavy belt and advanced age serve as an extreme disadvantage to Dante's youthfulness and athletic ability.

So instead he pulls out his taser and fires it into Dante's back, sending three charges to stick onto it. Electrical charges travel from the taser, up through the wires, and into Dante's back, shocking him.

Dante screams and reaches behind him, grabbing the wires. The unexpected then happens. The electric charge travels backwards, back into the taser, effectively shocking the cop who screams in pain and falls to the ground where he twitches violently.

Dante then removes the wires and turns around to face the cop, sore but not fully weakened, when he limps over to the fallen cop.

The cop, having stopped twitching, but still in pain, notices Dante coming towards him so he yanks out his gun and aims it at him. He is in too much pain to order for him to halt or get down on the ground, so all he can just do is keep the gun trained on him.

Dante, studying the cops, decides to take his chances by charging the weakened cop. The cop, not taking him to be that stupid, is surprised by this and fires into Dante's chest, taking him off his feet.

Dante lands on the ground, with a huge bloody hole on the middle of his stomach. His eyes widen as he stares at the bullet hole. Pain fills his body.

The cop, after taking out Dante, slowly turns onto his stomach and gets on all fours. As he staggers to his feet, he fails to notice the rejuvenated Dante approaching him from behind. He grabs the cop's head and yanks it to the side, snapping his neck.

Dante then releases the cops head, allowing his corpse to fall to the ground. His wound is now gone, leaving only the bullet hole and blood stain on his jacket.

Fearing that someone heard the gun shot, Dante quickly grabs the cop's gun and makes a run for it, cutting through several alleys until he reaches a different part of town. When he is sure that no one has followed him, he sits down in an alley and leans his head against the wall before closing his eyes and falling asleep.