Japanese American

Kotomi Haru = Lily Patel

Mizuho Aoi = Brooke Winston

Suzuki Sakura = Riley Roehl

Ichiro Keiko = Olivia Caspar

Tsuya Akane = Hope Rinehart

Ebata Rika = Skylar Morton


Haru has long dark chocolate brown hair which is a little straight. She has bangs that fall from the middle top of her fore head to her right ear. She has dark brown eyes also her right eye has a barely noticeable black freckle. She wears a graphic shirt, parka, denim jeans and boots ranging from just fur as the lining to fur all over or converse.

Aoi has light brown or hazel hair in which is tied up in a bun. A blue flower holds it in place. She also has bangs from the middle top of her forehead that droops to her left ear. She has pure black eyes. She wears mostly a tank top underneath her droopy long sleeve which one shoulder droops and shows her tank top strap, skinny jeans and high heel sandals. She also wears jewelry ranging from necklaces to earrings.

Sakura has burnt sienna hair which is long and wild. She has bangs that sprout all over her forehead. She has a bandage either on her cheek or the bridge of her nose. She wears mismatch which is usually a long-sleeved shirt which has a star in the upper middle and stripes on the sleeves, capris that are bowed on the sides, and flip-flops. She has bandages wrapped around her fingers also.

Keiko has electric blonde hair which is completely straight. She also had bangs covering her forehead, at the end it is horizontally cut and completely straight just like the other ends. She has emerald-green eyes. She wears a short polyester jacket, a shoulder less shirt, leggings, a big frilly skirt, and converse.

Akane has short black hair which stick out like spikes. She also has bangs that cover her right eye. She has aquamarine blue eyes. She wears a white shirt with black leather jacket, with very short sleeves, black shorts, and black boots that are held together by thin durable ropes. She also wears a fat black choker with a black cross clung to it and striped fingerless gloves creeping up to her arms.

Rika has bright orange hair in which is always in a braided side ponytail, her braids are held by two red pieces of ribbon. She has bangs which are alike to Sakura's and has lime green eyes. She wears red goggles upon her head and wears an orange and red jacket that is also a turtle neck. She also wears denim skinny jeans with black and orange inline roller skates.


Haru has somewhat little to no self-confidence in herself and believes she cannot and is not good at anything. She is also forgetful usually forgetting what had happened last week, month, or year. She is also easily spooked; her worst fears also include the most childish fears also alike to the dark. She is a coward with absolutely no courage. Also having a reputation of gullibility.

Aoi is smart having an IQ of a prodigy. She is also mature acting like more of an adult than a kid. She is also a bit bossy and sometimes can lose her temper. She is never satisfied with her work and always strives to do better making her a teacher's pet. She is also very fashionable and always is on the latest trends. Though she may seem perfect she also is very self-conscience about her appearance and at all times has a mirror on her just in case making her the girly girl teen who doesn't like to play in the dirt.

Sakura is wild and reckless due to how clumsy she is. But she isn't wimpy at all always getting banged up by slamming herself into something. She is alike to a wild monkey; doing before thinking. She is fast and some cannot catch up to her and is crazy like a squirrel she charges straight into and situation making her a burden to others. She loves the taste of adventure and is daring to take her limits to the max.

Keiko is a happy-go-lucky girl who is always sunshine and smiles even in the most hopeless situations. She is sweet and always looks at the positive things in life. She is always smiling trying to cheer up her friends in harsh times. She is loveable and all around her are her friends… At least to her eyes. She can be a bit naïve and can never see any bad in one person. She is also not the type to fight though when angered instead of getting angry she just annoys people to death usually.

Akane is dark and short-tempered. She hates people and only has a soft spot for animals. She is cool and collected and loves to make Aoi mad. Though she is not as smart as Aoi she has more potential in physical things including beating up people that make her mad. She can care less in what condition her appearance or friends are in and only helps herself. Though this may be true somewhere inside that stone cold heart is a caring for her friends… Somewhere.

Rika is lazy and easygoing always taking a nap or wandering around. She never gets mad and forgives anyone very easily. She can be very stubborn usually refusing to do such things in order for her to use her brain or anything physical. Rika can be known to be the best skater out of most and can be very active. She is more determined to win only knowing that 1st is the only spot for her. She is completely or somewhat over-confident. She is loyal and trustworthy probably keeping more than a thousand secrets about everything.