My day begins the same as always, I wake up take a shower, eat something, and leave my condo for school. I always take the longer back yard route cause it gives me a chance to see her. The one girl who I have fallen in love with ever since fifth grade. We always leave about the same time, and make the trudge to school. I caught sight of that amazing brown hair blowing the wind, those hazelnut eyes and her amazing smile. She greeted me with smile and a wave. My heart would have melted if it could. She opened her mouth to say something when she was beat to it. "Hey, girl, there you are," I heard my friend Kenzie call.

My love placed her headphones over her ears, and left me with my friend. "Hey," I replied, hiding my sadness.

We hugged, like always, and then she gave my love a dirty glare. "The nerve that Paige has for even considering talking to you," she sneered.

This is where the plot come into play. I live in a town that suffers from an acute case of rivalry. The downtown Miller Mountain Lions, and the uptown Charlotte Coyotes. Between the two towns is the railroad tracks I live on the coyote side and Paige lives with the lions. I've been dieing to tell her how I feel instead of having to hide the love. However, if it were to come out that I love a lion, let alone a girl my social status would be destroyed. Okay, I'm being a wee bit over dramatic. The real problem is I don't know if Paige feels the same way about me.

"Earth, to Ronnie. Hey, Veronica," Kenzie shouted.

"Yeah, I'm here," I said removing myself from my trance.

"Chase is waiting for you," she whispered.

I had not realized that we had arrived at school. My jock boyfriend was standing there at the steps waiting for me. With a roll of the eyes I went to him, and he gave me a kiss on the lips. At times like these I often imagined them to be Paige's lips I was kissing. Of course when ever I did Chase would take it as a sign that I liked his kisses. I pulled away first wondering if how her lips would actually taste. Chase gave me a cheesy smile as he placed an arm around my shoulder. God he smelled like horse crap, and I love horse's.

"Tomorrow's the big game, Chase," Brent said.

"I can't wait to kick those lions asses, and see the look on Davis' face that we won. Then I'm going to take his girl and force her to make out with mine, so I can torment him on the internet with the pictures." The other football players cheered for his speech.

I blushed knowing that Davis and Paige were going out, and if that was case then go coyotes! I had to play it cool though can't let anyone know about my secret crush. "But Chase," I pretended to whine, "I don't want to kiss a girl. I don't work that way."

"Look babe, just imagine it's me. I just want to see the look on Davis' face when we win!"

Some fist bumping was then ensued as the football team began to prematurely celebrate. The bell rang for first period and we began to head to class. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, checking it I saw a number that read unknown. That was never a good sign. Tapping on the screen a text read I kno ur secret. Quickly I glanced around to no one there. Hoping it to be a wrong number I raced in having a bad feeling that the football game was not to end well.

Pagie's POV

Davis slammed his fist on the table at breakfast, "This is a load of shit. Who the hell does that Chase guy think he is for saying that crap about my girl."

I sighed, knowing it was probably something boy related. I bit, "What is that flea bag saying now?"

"That if he wins that he is going to force you to make out with his girl Veronica," he sneered.

"Oh," I said shocked. "Well, that would be nasty."

"Exactly," Davis snapped. "If my girl is going to kiss another girl I have to be their, and with whom I chose. Not some dirty coyote."

"Glad I get my own choices," I muttered.

A hand began to pet my head. "Girl it's not your fault you date a meat head," I heard my friend Angel say.

While the boys began to plan for tomorrow I placed my headphones around my neck and started my angst playlist. First song I Walk Alone By Tarja Turunen. "I know girl," I began. "but what should I do?"

"Dump him flat after tomorrow. That way if they lose he'll cry like a baby, but if they win you'll kill his pride cause he'll want the victory sex," she chuckled wickedly.

I would have loved to comply with her insidious plot, but I had one problem, "My dad is the coach and he would be furious to find out I dumped his 'star player'"

Angel raised her brow.

"Fine," I surrendered. "Tell me though oh knowledgeable one, what do I tell them when they ask why?

"The truth," she recommended.

"The truth-

"Shall set you free."

"What would I do without you, Angel," I said giving her kiss on the cheek.

She thought about for a second. "Nothing, the better question would be to ask, what would I do without you," she laughed.

The bell for class rang and we began the trudge to class. Hooking my arm though Angel's we walked down the hall. Two thing's did plague my mind though after our conversation. How was going to tell the one person I actually love how I really feel. The other thing, what if this person didn't like me back.