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Chapter 3

Veronica's POV

Relaxing in my bed playing a hidden object game, and having trouble with a puzzle. I had decided not to go to the football it just isn't my thing. I'm more the nerdy type who plays video games and can name every single character in Star Wars. Of course I wear clothes that me look like a prep, and act dumber than I really am around my friends. Chase thinks I'm just another dumb blonde bimbo, that was fine during freshmen year where students try to find their forte, and place in the groups. Now though with graduation looming over me this year I feel like going back to being to being red-headed, game loving manga reading, anime watching girl. "Yes!" I exclaimed figuring out the puzzle. "In your face evil succubus!" At that moment my phone began to ring. Pausing the game, I picked up to see that Kenzie was calling. With a sigh I answered it with a fake sweet hello."

"Oh my gosh, girl you missed the best game ever!"

"Why did the team win?"

"No, we lost, but it's what happened after the game that everyone is and will be talking about!"

My interest perked, "I'm listening."

"Okay! After the Lions won Paige broke up with Davis-"

"No way!" I exclaimed. My mind was racing at a millions miles a minutes thinking of all the possible outcomes.

"Chill girl, I know that your excited to see a lions get their asses kicked, but there is no easy to blow my ear out.

Shallow much. I began to hear yelling from coming Paige's condo. "I'll see you at school," I rushed and hung up on her.

I leaned outside my window to listen. "I can't believe you embarrassed not only me, but the school as well," Mr. Banks yelled.

"No, having to date him was an embarrassment in itself," Paige shot back.

From the distance I could his face getting red, and imagined that temple vein throbbing in his forehead. "Your grounded, you go to school, home, and repeat. Do you understand?"

Mr. Banks slammed the door shut. "Your just ashamed I'm not a guy is all." she shouted.

"I hate it when they fight," a voice said from behind me.

I glanced back to see my mother with a sweet smile on her face. "I know, I feel so bad for Paige."

"Why don't you go talk to her," she suggested.

"It's been so long since we have had a causal conversation," I sighed. "I doubt she'll even want to talk to me anymore."

Just then my cell phone began to ring Picking it up I nearly fell of my bed seeing the name. It was Paige only under the assumed nickname we picked for each other. Her's is Fallen Angel, and my was Star Queen. Lame I know, but we were in Junior when we made them up, and I never changed them. "Are you going to answer it, or sit there like a deer in the head lights?" my mom laughed.

I blushed and answered it, "Hi, Paige, long time no talk."

"Ronnie," she said. I could have died just hearing her say my name coming from her mouth. "You want to talk now?"

"Yes," I squeaked.

"Tracks, you, me, five minutes."

"Okay!" I heard the phone click on her end, and I hung up.

"Have fun," my mom said still in the door way.

"I will!" I exclaimed.

"Also, Veronica."

I looked back to see her arms over her chest in that menacing motherly way. "You need to make a choice. You can't have it both ways."

The tension in the air was thick between us. With nothing more to be said I left for the tracks. My mind began racing wondering what she meant by that. Does she know that I have a crush Paige? Or she trying to have me make up my mind about who my true friend is? Shaking the uneasy thoughts from my mind I opened the door the backyard.

My backyard is really nothing to look at. There's some grass, trash can's, and old an T.V. Then there are the train tracks that separate the school district's. Unusable to a train now the only purpose they serve is reminder of how the town started. I saw the back door open and Paige snuck out to meet me. "Evening,"she greeted.

"It is a nice one," I remarked looking up at the sky quickly. Looking back down I felt my cheeks heat at glazing into those deep brown eyes of my Fallen Angel.

"Depends on what your take on nice means," she said with a sly smile.

A laugh escaped my lips. "Well, I'm with a great friend, under the stars, so I think it is great evening."

"It's getting better," she nodded.

The topic of damnation loomed over us. Daunting silence only made the moment worse. "I heard about you and Davis," I blurted.

Paige blushed profusely, "Yeah, not one of my best nights, but I'm free. I'm just glad I didn't revive a black eye when he punch me.

My mouth feel open, "He hit you?"

"Yeah, but I did deserve it, for breaking his heart," she said, in a voice that sounded like she was mocking her father.

I wanted to move on to something else bedside's that ass hitting my girl. "You do realize that it is going to most talked about thing on social media this weekend?" I pointed out jokingly.

"Which is why I refuse to sign up for something that doesn't involve killing Orcs. Rule number eight: never sign up for something that your parents can do."

I snorted from laughing, "Yeah, cause you'll end up like that one girl whose dad shot her laptop."

"Exactly." It was her turn to laugh. Once the laughter died, silence took its place. In that moment it reminded me of all those nights where the two of us would just lay under the stars. During the summer's we'd watch the clouds go by, while eating ice cream. It was those things I missed the most. We couldn't have a care in the world before, but now it seemed like her have been torn apart by our crappy lives. I didn't realize a tear had slid down my cheek until Paige said something. "Hey, why are crying?"

Wiping it away I answered, "I just wish it could go back to when were friends."

"We still are friends," she assured.

"Then don't we hang out anymore? Like we use before we started high school."

Paige glanced down and kicked the tracks. "This is why, these damn tracks that separate friendships. Obliterate hope, and shred the heart. Also, this what society want us to be: alone."

"I don't like them," I huffed.

Unexpectedly she embraced me. I could feel her warm breath on my cheek, which were beginning to heat up again. "We have six months left. Then we don't have to listen to high school rivalry cliché any longer. We'll be free. Free to you, and free to me."

In that embrace I felt relaxed, at peace being the arms of the one person I truly love. What happened next I still can not explain or have a reason for doing it. All I saw was Paige's lips, and touched them with mine. I felt her tense, her arms dropped but accepted, and moved hers against mine. Reveling in the taste I bravely pushed forward, and interlaced our fingers. I think I was more surprised that she kissed me back. I heard a moan, and unsure who it sounded from I pulled away. Both our faces were red, and breathing hard. Paige took one look me, and I saw her shaking.

"I have to go," she said quickly, and ran back home before I had a chance to speak. Touching two fingers to my lips I still felt the warmth, and hoped that Paige was no mad at me.

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