"See they were there when I woke up this morning, and I'll be dead before the day is done".

Sin. An offence committed that is morally wrong and displeasing to God. The devil's secret weapon upon luring us into his torturous domain of what we call hell.

But he does not work alone, no. He has advocates, helpers, big and small, creatures alive and dead. They can take the form of anything and anyone. They lurk in dark places, toying with your mind, creating illusions. Forever there, tempting you, urging you to give in to your desires and thoughts. Their gentle, soothing voices remain caressing your mind and easing your thoughts. Always reassuring you that you have made the right decision and purposely manipulating you and acting as a haze over your conscience.

But do not be fooled by them! You must not give in, for if you do, they will taint your soul. The marks are visible to other demonic creatures and you will be unable to fight their advances. I made the mistake of allowing my feelings to cloud my judgement, and in consequence, I lost all those dear to me.

In advance, I must warn you that there is a hierarchy for demons, just as there is a hierarchy for angels. If you remember your catechism lessons when you were a child, you would know that there are seven, deadly sins of which we struggle against. These sins take form of seven deadly demons who are under the rule of the devil, Satan himself. Under these powerful demons are a cluster of submissive demons that abide and do the will of their authority. You will rarely be tempted by the seven unless you are of great importance and you are, or will be, an obstacle for them in retaining their goals of mass destruction to the world.

They also strive to eliminate a pure bloodline capable of having the sight. A prophet once stated that if we had the ability to truly see the evil in this world and all demonic forces, the sky would be a bleak, sickening black. One would always live in fear, therefore, God allowed only the smallest amount of humans (known as 'Sighters') to retain this gift, whilst the rest of life would live in ignorance. This bloodline comes from none other than that of Mary Magdalene, who was known as the 13th apostle of Jesus Christ. Mary Magdalene was a sinner turned saint, thus Christ blessed her line of descendants with the sight, the ability to see demonic forces. Unfortunately for me, I do obtain this carnal knowledge. You could call it a curse more than a blessing, but this was Christ's way of saying that anyone can be redeemed and in the eyes of God, even the lowliest and most sinful, can be forgiven.

With the sight, I also have what you would call 'immortality' for the timespan of a century. Over this course of time, my mission is to reduce the numbering forces of the seven. Only then, when I have completed this mission to eradicate their stronghold on humanity, can I be unburdened and die peacefully. Of course, they will be reincarnated within a century, but a new sighter will have the responsibility of completing this task, not me.

So I conclude this message to any unfortunate soul reading this guide, by saying that this book will help you, should the day come when you are faced with these difficulties, use my experiences as guides. And remember. The lord is good and just; do not hesitate to pray for strength and wisdom from Him. May the blessed trinity hence the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit be with you always.