"And now all your love will be exorcised. And we will find your sayings to be paradox"

Lust, the body's craving for pleasure, is undoubtedly, one of the most influential forms and most extinctive on humanity. Its characteristics are exceptionally strong, its aura never wavering. Lust is everywhere. Try denying it as you might, but we all lust, whether it be for money, for intimacy, power. It's in our nature to feel the need to touch, reach out, grasp, and in return gain something that complies with our senses. Though, some people undoubtedly mistake Lust for Love, and Love for Lust. Heed my warning in advance, lust is purely physical attraction, and has no lasting effect.

In Greek mythology, it was believed that mankind was made in the image of having two heads, four arms and four legs. However, the Greek god Zeus, feared that these creatures would become too powerful, therefore, splitting them into two, he cursed them to roam this world for the rest of eternity, in search for their other half. This myth is a perfect example of poor interpretation and inaccuracy. Depending on how this is interpreted, it creates a sense of rivalry between Lust and Love.

I tend to hear many people say, 'It was Love at first sight'. Which makes me wonder, can it really be love at first sight? Or would it be more appropriate to say 'Lust at first sight'. After all, that's what it is, isn't it? The feeling you get when something you take a liking to, catches your eye. How your body impulses, feeling like it's on fire, your withdrawal from having sense. The only thing you think about is that person, their features, personality. You crave for their attention, admire them, and desire them, to be yours. Does that sound like love to you?

In my opinion, I believe Love is the affection you show for another living being. I do not believe it's possible to love an inanimate object though, for they have no heart or soul. A person could say, "I love this vacuum, it makes the job of cleaning much easier," but they don't truly hold affections for the object. They admire its way of working, therefore taking a liking to it, but they don't love it.

Well, I am pretty sure the intelligent 5% of human population can understand the difference between the two sentiments. As for the rest of you, I think you will discover it soon enough the hard way.

As for Lust, I must say that I think we are all familiar with how he works. Yes, Lust is a "he" (and very gullible in my opinion). If I hadn't explained earlier, I apologise. The seven have the ability to take any form they please. Majority of them prefer to co-exist as humans, others choose to live their cycled life as animals, dangerous species, might I add.

You must be baffled while reading this, thinking, How on earth does she expect to eliminate something that simply cannot be removed from this world? I don't intend on being too specific and going into detail but I suppose I should start with an explanation.

If you haven't already established, I tend to deal with the supernatural world of demons and angels. My mission was a simple statement that the good lord gave to me at the age of seven,

"Luxuria. Sorcordia. Gular. Invidia. Superbia. Avaricia. Ira. Hunt them down, And you regain your place in my kingdom"

Being a mere child, of course, I didn't understand the importance of this declaration, until now. I was put onto this earth to hunt down the seven and abolish their hold over humanity.

The seven each have a chain, with their name encrypted on it. That chain, is their lifeline, forged by Satan himself from the fiery pits of hell. The chain takes the form of a crucifix and has the ability to manipulate a being's mind, also protecting and shielding themselves from human eyes, as long as each of the seven wear it.

Moral of the story. Retain their chains, and you hold their despicable excuse of life in the palm of you hand.

Back to the focus of this entry, Lust.

It was by pure chance that I had come across Lust himself, considering the fact that I was, in fact tracking Greed. It was in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. I had considered various places where the seven would be in hiding, where their systems occupied in the world. Taking the easier of the seven (which wasn't very easy considering they are all demonic princes), I concluded to hunt down Greed first, or at least get an implication as to where he was hiding. What better place to have most influence over, than Las Vegas? Las Vegas is one of the prominent, populous, resort cities primarily renowned for their main focus on gambling, shopping and fine-dining. Las Vegas was practically a playground for Greed. Sickening. North America all together is an abomination. (Well, to sighters that is.)

I had little experience with the American way of life, being raised in quite a constricted, secluded area which I shall not name. Like any other being, what I don't understand, I don't like, but I had killer instincts and the sight to guide me. (Along with my fairly large ego to keep me company.)

I had picked up the scent of the Seven. Their trail was powerful, and it smelt glorious, tempting. It had led me to the Grand Casino Royale in Las Vegas. I had walked into the place intent on catching one of the seven. I made the mistake of alternatively assuming it was Greed's scent.

Now before you all scold and chide me like a child, let me just remind you that this was my first assignment to hunt down one of the Seven, who were in fact Demonic Princes. So bear in mind, I had little experience dealing with something this major and I admit I was somewhat overconfident for this mission.

I had walked into the Casino, heading straight to where the high-rollers play. As I had walked in, taking little notice to conceal myself, I was overcome suddenly by a magnificent smell waffling above my head. Greed. I had initially thought. It had to be him. His scent was a combination of savoury foods, rich perfumes and spices along with a hint of fine, red-wine. All in all I could smell the indulgence drenched within his bloody self. It was making my mouth water, just imagining the taste and feel of being in reach of these materialistic goods. I couldn't help but follow where this strong scent was coming from. I was like a little puppy, following the appealing aroma, unaware that I was waltzing right into a large, but crowded area where men in fine suits were occupied with what I presume were the 'entertainers'. (I emphasise on the word 'entertainers', if you understand me).

I was immediately aware that I had made a rather distracting entrance, as all eyes were on me. I did try to make myself seem less awkward by walking straight in and seating myself beside an elderly looking man, being the pretentious little youth I was. I recall the old man grunting at me, seeming a bit put off with my sudden presence. "Hello," I had acknowledged him, trying to make conversation. "Piss off slut, I'm tryna win a game here!" he grunted. I had to refrain from showing my shock through my expression, though mentally, my jaw had hit the floor and I was struggling to pick it back up. I remember the amount of snickering and leering coming from these filthy men, it was sickening and it felt as though I was in need of a wash. (No not a wash, I needed to go and plunge myself into the Artic sea just to rid all the evil from my body caused by the pathetic vindication of the male species).

I had stood up and left the table, walking around when I had found a booth where a young boy was seated. I won't ever forget the look on his face. He was frightened, confused and shaking. It was evident that he was crying, as his cheeks were tear-stained and his dull blue eyes were glistening. I had approached him, hoping to ask questions but I never got the chance. He was hauled from his seat by two harsh-looking men in black suits. They had then pushed him into a back room near the end of the hall where there were similar attired men keeping guard beside the doorway. Once again, The strong, luring smell had returned when I had dared to edge closer to the guarded doorway, as one of the men turned around and snarled at me.

It then came to my understanding as to why I was hit unexpectedly with this aroma. They were not men. They were demons. Had I not been so ignorant, I would have figured it out already. It took a great deal of strength to not lash out and end their impure, repulsive lives, as that would have caused a scene. A scene that I was not equipped properly for if I was to get out alive. I had readily decided to scout around, using the shadows and pillars that held this room as my defence. When I was close enough to the doorway, I had pulled out my dagger, and slit the throat of the guard on the left, pulling away in disgust as the evilness and decay of itself oozed out of it. I conjured a similar method for the guard on the right, propping both of their bodies up, so as to look as though they were still alive and guarding the doorway.

I was unprepared for what came to my sight upon entering through the doorway. The room imitated a gothic throne room, the red carpet pooled out below my feet could have resembled the blood I smelt in the air. The Pillars had gone from a retro white, to a dark, sinister grey. And there, levitated in the air, was the little boy I had been so eager to talk to minutes before. I was confused as to what was holding him up, only to look ahead of the boy and see the source of this nonsensical action.

There he sat, slouching into the intimidating, vulgar arm-chair. He wore a black suit and his hair was the colour of dark auburn. His elbow was propped up on one of the armrests, his hand resting underneath his stubbled chin. On his little finger, he wore a thick, grey ring with a ruby embedded in it. He was inhumanely beautiful, with a thin nose, soft-looking lips and high cheekbones, giving him credibility to pass as an angel. Had it not been for the eyes. His eyes were a menacing, cruel grey, looking to be full of desire and, well….Lust.

I had been stirred from my slow hypnotisation of looking at him, by the sudden screeching that was echoing and bouncing off the walls within the room. The boy's eyes had rolled completely to reveal white, with blood slowly seeping out from his mouth, nose and ears. The boy's body, slowly started to shrivel, his skin hanging from his bony form. I had taken notice that as the boy was slowly decaying, that thing seated on the arm-chair looked to be evolving, with a substantial glow enrobing within it.

I hadn't thought about the situation, I just acted. I had paced into the open and thrown a 2 inch blade at the man, and was satisfied when I heard a hiss, the blade had hit his right shoulder and a rich, black substance was slowly darkening his suit. The boy had dropped from mid air but I was lucky enough to have caught him. I had placed my ear to his chest, only to hear nothing. Dead. I had said a quick prayer for him so that he could pass into the afterlife peacefully.

I had completely forgotten about the presence of Him, until I felt his searing hot hand pressed against the back of my neck. I cringed in pain as His hand forced me to stand upright. I felt his hot breath against the nape of my neck. If I recall, his exact words were, "Look at me Human". I remember coming face to face with one of the seven. His eyes were so captivatingly gloomy, they held a satisfying depth to them and seemed to play out lustful scenes over and over again. I had felt strange, as though there was a unanimous force pulling me towards him.

(What was this feeling? Now thinking about it makes me want to die of shame) I was being seduced by none other than the prince of all things desirable. Lust. Now do not criticise and judge me reader as I have learnt my lesson and if you read on, you'll find that I did try somewhat to redeem myself.

Upon being so enthralled with this Demon Prince, I did notice a small glint of silver move through the opening of his shirt. The Chain. It had to be the chain. I could feel the heat of it, through his shirt. I had steadily counted down in my mind, with the intention of grasping it on one. I had managed to slip a 4 inch blade from my jacket and guide it straight through his chest, whilst savagely tearing his shirt to expose the chain. I will not lie when I tell you that His scream was monstrous, inhumane, it was the sound of the damned being tortured.

The lights had flickered off and the screams of chaos had erupted from within the halls and rooms. I had felt soft liquid oozing out of my right ear, looking on my shoulder I could just make out a dark red. I fell to the floor clutching the chain and my ear. My eardrum had burst, which was most disadvantageous as my co-ordination was now poor and off-key. I felt a clawed hand closing around my leg. I tried to shake it off but his grip was tight and I slowly heard the crunching of my shin bone as he squeezed my leg, disclosing pressure on it.

I had managed to uplift the pressure by taking my shocker and jarring it on the invading hand. As soon as I was free, I wasted no time escaping from that room, in the process of killing off the few guards that remained near the doorway. I had literally dragged myself across the floor using the wall as guidance and support, feeling around and touching lifeless bodies in my route. I was scared out of my wits and only wished to be rid of this place, and by the time I had made it to the front desk, I felt as though I were about to pass out. I had made it to my van 20 blocks down the street. (I'm nomadic and I'm constantly moving. It's also my storage space for my many artefacts and weapons)

That promising day left me beaten, physically bruised, and mentally deteriorated. I had lost a lot of blood but I knew I would be fine if I just had faith in God and prayed. I had learnt my lesson though.

My stupidity had cost me greatly. I had given them an advantage over me, the boy was dead, (hopefully in limbo) and Lust had seen me. No doubt he would've already sent out a message and file of what I was and what I looked like. I felt like a complete failure, and I had let an innocent die on my behalf. But other than those heart breaking and frustrating casualties, I had managed to collect his chain. That is their one weakness in which is the only reason they gradually communicate with each other.

So reader, did I die? Well…I am still writing and you are still reading aren't you?

Keep in mind these vital points of knowledge about the seven.

1. Do not stare into their eyes. It obviously has an effect and gives them a certain hold on you. Had I not been strong enough to resist, I would've ended up shredded and dead, while my soul was delivered to Satan.

2. The chain is hot and if you are not a sighter, you will be burnt to a crisp. Do not take this lightly. It does however, radiate an illuminating heat off itself.

3. If you are incapable of perceiving demons from humans, their skin temperature should determine you answer. Demons tend to have really warm skin. The seven, (from my experience) have scorching body temperatures. Have any physical contact with one of them and the pain is slow and subtle. (I did suffer a few burns on my neck)

Well, that's all I have to write for now, though my encounter with Lust was not one that I would like to re-enact again. I highly doubt I'll write soon, considering the fact that I'm now on my way to hunt down the real Greed. Hopefully my leg will heal soon, and my mind will devoid those scenes I saw.. Just thinking about them gives me the hope of regurgitating it out of my mind.

Aren't you so blessed reader that I am writing this all down. Something the previous sighter didn't take into consideration for the next in line…

God bless and hopefully you have made it this far.

- Eve