This was written a few days before finals week, AKA "dead week." I must say, dead week is called "dead week" for a reason. Every day made me want to cry.


I am exhausted.
My eyes begin to drop,
My shoulders relax,
Only to be re-awaken.

I am exhausted.
My head begins to pound,
I need to rest,
But my name is called.

I am exhausted.
Too much to do,
Too much in mind,
I am exhausted.

Soon I will drop,
Soon I will collapse.
I hope not to be awaken,
I hope not to be called.

A need to clear my mind,
A need to think straight.
I want some fun,
I need some rest.

I am exhausted.
Creativity quickly escapes me,
Taking forever to return,
Inspiration disappears.

I am exhausted.
Let me drop,
Let me rest,
Let me sleep.