"Come on Aoi! You're the one who got it stuck in there anyways!" Sakura yelled beginning to lose her patience. As of right now all six of them were located in what was the middle of nowhere in a dense forest.

"B-but it's just a raccoon. I-I mean it cannot hurt or harm future events in any way can it?" At the moment Aoi was staring at the rear of a raccoon due to her accidentally smashing it into a tree with a peculiar hole.

"Suck it up and pull it out geek!" Akane said getting ready to kill her.

"Excuse me for worrying for my own safety from rabies or other parasites that could be deadly to me."

"Nothing good comes from fighting." Haru said trying to break the fight.

"You know Haru's completely right… Right?" Keiko butted in. Aoi sighed and decided the best way to pop the fazed raccoon was to push him out from one end. She raised her foot and soon plunged her designer wedges into the raccoon's rear making him stumble down a cliff.

"There…" Aoi said wiping her sandal on the ground.

"Now was that hard?" Akane said mockingly.

"Easy for you to say you fashion senseless Goth!"

"Oh you wanna go there?"

"Umm I think you guys have already been there. So let's not go there anymore please." Haru pleaded trying to persuade them.

"Shut up wimp!" Akane yelled at her.

"Sorry…" Haru said sitting down next to Rika who was napping at the moment.

"You good-for-nothing idiot!"





"Freak!" Soon after that comment Rika woke up very angry. She slowly got up and took a huge deep breath in. Aoi and Akane were surprised to even see the lazy Rika like this but they knew they were in for the foulest Rika they will ever see.

"SHUT UP! YOU'RE BOTH WEIRD FREAKS SO JUST SHUT YOUR FLIPPIN MOUTHS FOR MY SAKE!" All of them stared at Rika wide-eyed and shocked. You could see her face matched the color of her goggles and she meant business. She gritted her teeth and looked tired and grumpy as an old man getting mad at kids for playing on his lawn.

"I apologize for my rude and vigorous behavior but calling me a freak? I assure you there is only one depressed freak here Rika." Aoi said shooting a glare at Akane.

"As you can't see blue, I'm not a depressed freak but of course if you thought that you must be dumber than a bimbo." Akane shot back.

"One; It's Aoi meaning somewhat of a blue, but of course you're too dumb you can't even say the meaning of name correct and two; not all blondes are stupid, only typical stereo types like you would think that, so inner minded."

"Man I'm… Really… Zzzzzz…" Rika fell back asleep leaning on the tree turning off her morning teenager mode.

"I'm hungry! My tummy says I need food for my talking hole!" Sakura blurted out.

"I have lolls if you want one!" Keiko said showing her at least 20 different flavors of suckers. Sakura excitedly gazed at them and started playing eenie meenie miney mo. It took forever since there were so many but she picked the one wrapped in brown. It was labeled in capitalized print,


"Thanks Keiko!" Sakura said hugging her.

"Why can't you guys get along like them?" Haru asked Akane and Aoi. They paused to think about that. And couldn't even get a picture of them getting along being the bestest of friends who do everything together and share everything.

"So what you're saying Haru is that we should disrupt the fabric of the universe?" It started getting darker. They all looked up to see grey clouds forming they could hear low grumbles. A horrid storm was coming.

"We should go find shelter." Aoi said,

"No dip Sherlock Holmes." Akane mumbled.

"I'm sorry, I don't understand gibberish." Aoi said as she started walking. After walking about a few hours they were surrounded by trees, trees and did I mention trees? The only thing getting accomplished was the burning of calories and exhaustion plus someone had to drag Rika.

"Ugh what now smarty?" Akane said flustered. Aoi observed the biggest tree that was in front of them. It looked like King Kong or Godzilla but five times bigger, heavier, and smarter. The roots could be climbed and walked on; it seemed as if its roots were pulled out of the ground. Keiko and Sakura ran up the roots like it was the easiest thing in the world to do without falling off.

"Hey look! A hole!" Sakura yelled.

"Be careful not to fall!" Aoi said to them then mumbled under her breath,

"Because I won't tarry with mother nature anymore." Sakura plunged her head into the darkness of the large and endless looking hole.

"… Whoa! I can't see a thing!" she said freaking out noticing it was completely black.

"Lemme try!" Keiko said soon sticking her head in.

"She's right!" Keiko said joyfully like it was the best news ever.

"Hey! What's that!?" Sakura yelled her whole body freaking out and moving like crazy. They were both struggling to pull their heads out and the rest of them rambling about trying to tug it out. Both of them were sucked in like a vacuum.

"SAKURA! KEIKO!" Akane, Aoi and Haru yelled. They went to investigate with Rika who was now fully awake.

"That's peculiar… They should of hit the bottom by now and gave us a signal of some sort that they were safe… or not" Aoi thought out loud.

"Hey! You guys! Are you dead!?" Akane yelled into the hole.

"Idiot, if they were dead they would never respond." Aoi said to Akane.

"Like you have a better idea…"

"I think we should go in too... Just in case." Haru said staring at the deep pit.

"Haru's right… Maybe we should." Rika said dangling her feet into the pit… But then she felt something grip her and she yelped at the sudden grip, she too was pulled in what seemed to be a pale white hand. Luckily Haru grabbed her hand quickly before she too fell.

"A little help please." Haru said gasping for air.

"Oh! Great, more work." Aoi groaned grabbing onto Haru's parka. But it was useless; the more they tugged the more hands gripped onto Rika. She was holding on running out of breath as if all her energy was being drained away from her. She looked behind and saw the hands. The sight of them freaked her out like crazy but she could scream; it was way too tiring at the moment. Haru looked over and saw them too which weakened her grip as she bit her lip so she wouldn't scream.

"That's it! You guys are taking forever!" Akane said charging straight towards them soon enough pushing all four of them in the hole. It was pitch black but they could all see each other and that they were plummeting down to who knows where. They found Keiko and Sakura floating adrift in darkness also with Haru holding her eyes shut humming a little tune quickly. Soon enough they got really bored since they never landed. All you could hear was the snoring of Rika who decided the best way to die was when you're asleep.

"Ugh, this is getting boring! Quick! Do something entertaining!" Sakura said grumpily. Keiko pulled out 42 suckers from her pocket and soon they all went out of her hand and up above them soon out of sight. Sakura and Keiko Stared up at the darkness,

"Cool..." Akane kicked both of them,

"Idiots! You threw away food that could have been eaten! Who knows how long we're gonna be here!"

"Well, either way we would end up dying so why die because of a little accident... Oh wait, it wasn't an accident because some Goth freak supposedly shoved us all in." Aoi said laughing.

"You guys were taking way too long!" Akane retorted,

"Or someone has very little patience."


"And so you have just admitted I was right." Aoi said laughing evilly again.

"Shut your mouth and maybe I won't smack it off of you."

"Like you would."

"Watch me!" Haru separated them barely.

"I'd rather not see you two fight when I, d-die." She said stuttering at the situation they were in.

"Like I'm gonna listen to you." Akane said then aiming a kick at Aoi's head but luckily Aoi barely dodged it. Though it still managed to break one of her dangling earrings she was wearing. She soon noticed it was missing and only found the silver hook it was on clinging to her ear.

"That was pure gold!"

"I would just let it go Aoi." Rika said cracking a eye open to look at Aoi's broken earring.

"Rika, I'm sure you completely don't understand this situation-

"And I'm sure you can buy new one's." With that Rika went back to sleep mode.

"Rika's right Aoi!" Sakura said

"Yeah! It's not the end of the world!" Keiko said, "Oh wait, it is for us!" Aoi sighed and decided to kill Akane if they live. Akane smirked but luckily Aoi never saw that devious smile. And again there was silence.

"Do you think there's a bottom to this tree?" Haru asked knowing at least an hour went by.

"Maybe we'll go straight down to the Earth's core and die from blowing up." Akane said sarcastically.

"But I don't wanna blow up!" Haru exclaimed believing the story.

"I don't even want to die!" And right after Haru said that about to cry they somehow were spat back into the light hitting the ground with a painful thump.

"Dead already?" Rika asked rubbing her eyes.

"Actually, we somehow managed to survive." Aoi said surprised.

"Oh! My suckers!" Keiko spotted her suckers that were being devoured by some bears.

"Hey! You think they talk like Pooh?" Sakura asked Keiko while she went up behind one.

"I dunno."

"Hi! I'm Sakura!" Sakura said to the bear. And with that it snapped it's head around to see what the enemy was.

"Umm, Sakura... I don't think you should've done that." Haru said backing away. Soon enough all the bears ignored the candy and started nearing Sakura. They stood on their hind legs looking as big and as ferocious as can be and yet Sakura wasn't scared.

"So cool!" She yelled amazed they blocked out the sun.

"Run stupid!" Akane said dragging her by her arm.

"My heels are going to pay for this run!" Aoi said about to cry.

"Oh no! My mascara's going to run!" And so all six ended up alive... Barely and luckily got away from the bears after the bears found another victim who was selling tacos near the out skirts of the forest... I'm not sure if he got away or not. Well at least the bears stopped chasing them. Right?