First Class

I'll get you a first class ticket
To anywhere but here, you said,
And I followed you down a tunnel
Into the dark.

But the tracks were old,
And the ride was cold;
And somehow your touch
Never seemed to warm me up.

But tracks are tracks and
This train kept rattling
Along in a straight line,
And at every station I lied
And said I was fine.

Every time we kissed,
Your lips would blacken mine,
Until I was choking on smoke
As I kept going back for more.

And so we piled on more coal
Until we couldn't control the fire,
And the train was moving faster
Until we crashed and lost ourselves
Somewhere in the mire.

There was no hand holding
Or last minute goodbyes;
You pulled yourself out and
I scrambled out after.

We dusted ourselves off
And went our separate ways,
And now all I have is a used ticket
To remind me of those days.

And I guess those train tracks
Are imprinted on my face,
Stained with salt and the evidence
Of my pain and your disgrace.