in the nights when

milk tastes like cigarette smoke

back to the days when she was

just a crazy old woman

she even told me that she couldn't stand

seeing me wear my tudung because it would be itchy

she still had her legs back then.

I wonder how our stories are

separated by walls

my mother complained that

she was too noisy

shouting for the maid to come

don't people know she needs love

some weird old lady from

1.30 to 3.15 in the afternoon

I bet she would press her head

against the wall to hear them fight

"stay with us", her daughter said to the maid

"get away from me", her daughter said to her husband

her diabetic pancreas keeps on screaming

"you're my daughter and you don't even look at me"

look out the window at

the balcony

and sometimes you see her

both her legs chopped off

she's probably waiting for her

pancreas to stop.