"Zaria, wake up. We're home."

I squeezed my eyes shut not wanting to wake up, it felt just like five minutes ago that we were just in Charoite waving good bye to my friends as they stood in my front yard, waking up early enough, just to see me go as they waved good bye. I didn't want to be here not just yet...

I opened my eyes once the door was slammed shut. I found myself staring at a wall with a tinted mirror window, I sighed and left the car taking my first step into the new city. My back ached and my butt was sore but I was well rested enough that I would be able to unpack all the details of our home while my dad slept.

"Zaria, take the boxes in the back of the car up to the top floor."

He told me as he threw the key at me. I nodded, the stuff in the back were only small appliances like our laptops and the microwave, plus some of my stuffed animals that I just couldn't part with during the ride here. So I got the easy work as my dad helped the movers.

Walking right into the room, the view from our new home was amazing! 'Mom would love this.' I sighed breathless, placing everything on the floor then walking towards the window; giving us the view of the ocean and a bridge going to a large island. It almost reminded me of home but yet it wasn't home...I knew this would take some getting used to and that I wouldn't be used to it right away, but I just wished that it didn't take so dang long. But the people who transferred my dad here sure do know how to make a good impression wanting to make us stay.

Taking one last look before going back down, I smiled nodding to myself and went back downstairs to grab the rest of the stuff in the back. Riding in the elevator that seemed to zoom down, it stopped at the main floor and long behold I fell trying to get out of the elevator.

"Zaria! Are you ok?"

I got up and dusted myself off "Yep just fine." I said recovering instantly as my dad made a face but moved into the elevator as I made my way towards the car. We were never really close but close enough that he knew. As soon as mom died everyone told me that I seem to be more independent then I was before and that I happened to grow up a lot, he definitely saw that.

But that's what always happens when you lose your best friend...

Terrible things will always happen in life. As well as good, but we kept having to live life. I went back upstairs and everything was in its right place, well what seemed to be right so I decided to stare out at my new home, "Zaria, can you come here?" My dad asked.

I nodded and walked down the hallway dropping of the box I was holding alone the way then going into the door at the end leading into dad's room. Then there were two doors to the left one led to the bathroom and the other, "Ok Zai, close your eyes." I nodded and did as I was told and he led somewhere.

"Ok, open your eyes."

I slowly opened my eyes and I couldn't believe it, I had my own music room! A piano along with a drumset and a bass all I needed now was to find my gutiar and then everything would've been perfect! "Mom had this in her will," he began, "It said that once we moved I had to get you your own music room, she knew how much this was going to mean to you." I looked up and smiled at him then gave him a huge hug "I miss her." I cried.

"Same here sweetie."

We stood there in a hug for a long time when Dad brought this up, "The walls are sound proof," he said wiping away his tears, "So you can play to your heart's content, just no drums after ten ok?" I nodded.

"Good, well I'll see you in the morning. Good night honey."

"Night daddy." I gave him one last hug then gave my new instruments one last look and left. Going into my room and taking a seat on my bed going past the boxes everything was amazing. I still just couldn't believe it; I had an amazing breathless view of the city everywhere I went and my very own music room living here probably wouldn't be so bad. Flopping onto my bed my phone rang, reaching for it lazily then answering the voice nearly made my heart jump out of my chest!


It was Justin!

Justin has been my best friend since the 6th grade, he was a bad kid with an attitude and I was that girl with everyone wrapped around her finger. We met in ISS, In School Suspention, he was caught skipping class to many times and I was falsely accused of writing about my best friend being a whore in the girls bathroom and from then on we were the best of friends, which was nice since we had three days of ISS together. But even after ISS we were friends, I may have lost alot of my other friends but the true ones stayed and we all became friends with all of Justin's friends...I wish that it will stay that way, so that if something goes wrong here I will always have them.

I quickly sat up, "Hey you!" I answered smiling to myself.

"Hey, how's that place that took you away from me?"

I laughed, "This place is fine."

There was a pause, "I miss your laugh Zaiā€¦but hey that's nice so anything interesting happen?"

I felt my smile soften, "My only exciting news for now is that my dad got me my own music room and that I'll be exploring the city tomorrow."

"Well have fun then, text me ok?"


"And remember that if anyone wants to pick a fight with you tell them about me and I'll be down there in an instant."

"I'll remember that J-Bear."

This time he laughed, "Good night Zaria."


After that phone call from Justin, I just couldn't put my mind to sleep, I wanted to play my gutair but yet I didn't have the heart to, so I went back to my favorite spot and began to think about him.

After gazing at all of the scenery and the moon had made its way high into the sky. I yawned tiredly and went back to my bedroom. I sat on my bed and stared at the city for a little bit. Realizing that everything in front of me was now, new and different but that's what made things like this exciting and really scary. I laid on my back and stared at my ceiling just for a moment and within that moment I felt as if I was at home in Charoite again. But then I crawled under my covers and knew I wasn't but I happened to fell asleep anyway. Besides I had adventures awaiting me tomorrow.