Later that day, Zaria texted the boys to meet her in the park at the regular spot. Travis and Connor showed up at the exact same time. Zaria and Mayday were there already enjoying their breakfast. "You didn't leave?" she shook her head no as Mayday took another bite of the banana. "Our friendship is priceless. We had one argument, that's nothing to leave over. Besides this is my home now too." The boys cheered and took a seat on the blanket, "But, if you two ever do something like that again. I will leave, I swear this time I mean it." the boys nodded and with that stated the three enjoyed their time over breakfast.

And so…the three laid out on the grass, "They lived happily ever after." Travis sang.

"The end."

"Y'know, happy endings are just stories that haven't ended yet."

The two sat up and looked at her as she stayed on the ground. "Way to kill the mood, Zai." Connor sighed as he laid back on the ground. Zaria laughed and shrugged. "You to take things to seriously." Travis gave her a funny look before laying back down. "The story has merely just begun."