They tell me I've got to leave a mark

Yet I'm always alone, left in the dark.

They tell me it's safe and sound,

Yet I find myself lost, never to be found.

They tell me to learn through trial and error,

Yet all I feel is pain and terror.

And when I try to fit in and conform

They attack, leaving me ripped and torn.

They brand me with a scarlet letter,

But I'm a child who didn't know better.

They call me a fag, they call me a freak

But can't they see they're the ones who are oblique?

And then, they tell me I'm fucked up and weak

But they deny me the help I seek.

They put me on the building's ledge,

And now they're pushing me over the edge.

I fly with the wings of a broken dove;

A girl, who was never allowed to love.

And when I'm dead and gone

They wonder

What went wrong?

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