Midday Shadows, Midnight Lights

Day is the bringer of warmth
That clings to my skin –
Your touch more in your eyes
Than in your embrace.

Day comes in softly,
Unobtrusively with the dawn,
And the softening mist that
Shrouds the sins of the night before.

Day provides clarity –
Crystal glass in your eyes,
And water flows fluidly
Over your heart.


Night is the bringer of cold
That sinks into my skin –
Your words cut by poison on your tongue
And into the harsh lines of your face.

Night creeps in slyly,
But crudely with the dusk,
And the suffocating fog that
Shudders through your conscience.

Night provides ambiguity –
A crystal glass in your hand,
And poison flows bitterly
Through your veins.


But you are both Night and Day;
You are piercing blackness
And harmonious brightness,
Tearing me apart;
Slicing through my heart,
So that half my life is lived in the light
And the other half in shade.