Around the corner there came a seventeen year old girl named Sredplo Reoin. She was a bright and sprightly young lady, but also very submissive. She was coming around one of the many corners of Brosk, a city that completely covered a planet, to tell her best friend Unetre Fjlaoty, she and her family were moving off planet. She didn't want to move, legally she was old enough to have her own house and live by herself, but she was submissive, so she what her parents wanted. While walking to Unetre's house, Sredplo thought about what she was going to say to her, how was she going to explain the her best friend that she had known her whole life, she was moving off planet? When she got to Unetre's house she had composed her diction about the move. "My family is moving off planet, I thought it best to tell you in person would be more appropriate," was what she told her and the best she could come up with.
"What?" Unetre said in shock.
"I'm moving off planet," Sredplo said and sighed. "I'm sorry, but I'm so blasted submissive, and I can't fight the authorities in my live."
Unetre sighed and said, "I know, it's going to be impossible to attain a remedy for this soon to be tribulation."
"Wow, that's a lot of words no one hardly ever uses."
"Yeah, but you know me, always trying to expand my vocabulary."
"Yep, that's you," Sredplo said and smiled a dead smile.
"You know, you are old enough to get your own place, or if you asked my parents would most likely let you stay her," Unetre said.
"Yeah, I know," Sredplo said, "I just wish it would be easier for me to rebel from the authorities in my live."
"Did they say you had to go with them?"
"Well then you don't have to move with them," Unetre said, "because, if they didn't specify, then you shouldn't have to go with them."
"True," Sredplo said, "but–,"
"No buts," Unetre cut her off smoothly, "you can stay plain and simple."
And so they convinced Unetre parents to let Sredplo stay with them. After that she went home and told her parents about her desertion not realizing she had was being about the most rebellious as she had been her entire life. Finishing her packing early, she lodged all of her cloth in a suit cace. Waiting for just the right second to leave, she left, left her family but not her friends.
In oder to go to Unetre house she had to cross a busy street, but with all of her luggage she got hit by a car. Yes, she was dead, formally dead. As it turns out, Unetre planed this. How terrible is that? Your best friend plot to kill you. The reason for this has to do with there parents.