After Jonny Fjlaoty blew up the interrogation center, the Guard had come to investigate and make a reconnaissance of the blown up building. They found Jay Reoin, just barely alive, and Jonny, completely devoid of life. While they rushed Jay to a near by medic center, they contacted Jay's wife, Jhgo Reoin.
Jhgo was caught up in an ecclesiastical meeting, she was very knowledgable about everything that had to do with God, modern church, and the Bible. Getting the call on her comm tab in the middle of the meeting, she exceeded herself for it to answer her comm tab. Being completely shocked and worried about her honey and what would happen to him, she rushed to the medic center were they were preforming work on him.
She worried and prayed for a week, when finally a medic came to the hotel she was staying and said, "Madam."
"Yes?" Jhgo said worriedly.
"Your husband has recovered," he said.
That was the last thing she had expected him to say. She just stood there in stunned silence for a handful of seconds not being able to bring herself to speak. "Uh…," she got out finally, "that's great, that's really great," she said, getting more excited the more she thought about it and spoke.
"Yes, it is," the medic agreed, "would you like to come and see him?"
"Oh, yes!" Jhgo said excitedly, "May we go right now?"
"If you would like to."
They went to the medic center to find Jay had left. Jhgo was upset, but she didn't stay that way for long. She called him on her comm tab, and Jay answered, "Hello?" he said, in his deep voice Jhgo had missed listening to.
"You're alive," Jhgo said and smiled.
"Yes, Hasea's here," Jay said quickly, Hasea Fjlaoty was the wife of Gotty, and mother of Jonny.
"She's here?" Jhgo asked.
"Yes, I've got to subdue her before she get's off Earth," Jay said.
"Where are you?" Jhgo asked. Then, without warning she was caught in something that was softly ripping her into little peaces. Once it felt so awkward she couldn't handle it anymore, she found herself standing right next to Jay.
"It's a short rang transporter," he explained.
"Okay, we can discuss it later, now let's go find that blasted woman." Jhgo said.
"Got it," Jay said. They heard footsteps behind them, both instantly turning around, they saw Hasea. Before Jay or Jhgo could do anything, she pulled out a little white peace of cloth, and waved it up in the air. They found out later that Gotty was a very austere to Hasea, and she couldn't take it anymore. Now, Jay had an inside man, or woman, to help him take Gotty down.