After Htyut Reoin was kidnaped, Jay Reoin was committed to find him and his kidnapers, which he know were the Fjlaotys. He was going to do whatever it took to find his son, and bring him back. The morning after Htyut's disappearance, Jay left his wife, Jhgo, on Earth to go find his son, but he felt vigil as he did so. He didn't know why he felt watched, but it wasn't something Jay was going to worry about. He had to ascertain where the Fjlaotys took Htyut, and find him quickly.
After flying around for hours, Jay had came to the conciliation that the Fjlaotys had brought Htyut to the near by planet called Qfpi. This planet was mostly uninhabited, and the only inhabiters were a few colonies of primitive humans. This was an aberration from what the Fjlaotys would do, normally, they would bring their captives to a very inhabited world, but it was also normal for them to be different.
Jay was orbiting Qfpi when suddenly, a hung ion blast came from the surface. Jay was going to have to perpetrate mass destruction onto the planet if he was going to live. Working quickly, he fired up the weapon systems on his spacecraft. As so as they were completely loaded, Jay fired. His shots missed their target, which was hooked up to a teleportation device, that allowed it to teleport from one world to another world. Once Jay had realized what had happened, he heard Gotty Fjlaoty's mocking voice over the intercom. "Jay Reoin," he said, "how nice to see you again. Now you have two choses, one, come down to the planet with your son, or die up there in space and never see your wife or kid, or should kids, again." Gotty had caricatured Jay, and that was something Jay could not live with. Gotty was going to pay.