After they easy escape from the Qfpi, Jay Reoin, Htyut Reoin, and Hope Reoin were headed back to Earth to pick up Jay's wife, Jhgo. The trip would take them a little less than three days, which would give Jay and Hope some time to catch up. Hope explained some of her attributers, which were close to Jay's, because there were family. Jay got a chance to explain the rudiments of how she was kidnapped.
When they were about half way to Earth, while Hope and Htyut were sleeping, the sensors on his ship picked up a small, one person scout ship that had appeared to have lost all of it's power. He also picked up a faint life signal. He investigated. Using his tractor bean, he pulled the scout ship into his docking bay. He decided it would be better not to wake Hope and Htyut up. He went to docking bay and took a look inside the scout ships small view port, to find Jonny Fjlaoty, son of Gotty Fjlaoty, who had kidnapped Hope and Htyut. Jay was temped to leave Jonny in the scout ship with no air, but out of the rectitude of his heart, Jay let Jonny out.
Right after Jonny took one deep breath, he lunged himself at Jay's throat. Jay barely got out of the way in time. Pressing the comm tab he alway carried with him, he called Htyut for assistance. Htyut got there before Jay had gotten Jonny immobilized. Jonny had been out of breath, which gave Jay an advanced.
They put Jonny in a holding cell until they got back to Earth. Once there, they rented an interrogation center, where they plained perfumed an interrogation on Jonny. "What were you doing in that scout ship before you lost power?" Jay demanded.
"I was never in that scout ship before it had lost power," Jonny said evenly. Little did he know, Jay had hocked up a true/lie device to him before they started, so Jay knew he was telling the truth.
"Then how long were you in that ship before we picked you up?" Jay asked.
"Twenty years," Jonny replied sarcastically.
"I want the truth!" Jay shouted.
"Blast you! You ain't gettin' nothin' out of me!" Jonny shouted angrily. And, without warning, Jonny raised his hand to reveal a small bomb in his hand. Jay jumped up, and ran to the exit door. He just barely touched the door before the bomb exploded, Jonny had just vehemently blown up the interrogation center, and Jay was in the middle of it.