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Please go easy on me. This is my first time scriptwritng and I did my best. I promise that it does get better. This is a PREVIEW I will not be posting the entire series here (I may post the second episode eventually). Anyways comment and tell me what you think. :)

The Moon Children

Episode 1


Setting: Hewa Forest-Lots of trees, some rivers, and stuff…. Ya know like a forest.

NARRATOR: In the beginning, the Creator made the world for the One Great Wolf, Lupa. He gave her vast forests to run and play in, rivers, streams, and lakes to swim and drink from, fields and meadows to roll in, and deer, rabbits, squirrels, and fish to hunt. He gave her everything she needed to survive and live a long happy life, but she was still unhappy.

Lupa was alone.

She could not speak to the other animals, because they spoke a different tongue and were frightened of her. She talked to the trees and rivers, but they couldn't answer her. At night, she howled her pain and sadness to the sky, wishing the Creator would put her out of her misery.

High in his kingdom, the Moon heard Lupa's mournful song and fell in love with her. He went to the Creator and begged him to allow him to see the Great Wolf. The Creator finally agreed, permitting the Moon three days of it's journey across the sky to visit his lover.

So each month, the Moon leaves his kingdom and visits Lupa. And from her womb came seven pups: Zoe, Daku, Hewa, Fuego, Zemlya, and finally Lupa.

That is the story of the Seven Clan's creation.

Scene 1

Hewa Forest

Videlle is seen walking amongst the trees.

VIDELLE: Tani? Tani?!… Where are you?! (sighs) This isn't funny anymore! Come on, we need to go home!

A brief moment of silence while Videlle looks for Tani. A soft wind rustles Videlle's fur. He eyes widen and she ducks just in time as a tan and red blur (Tani) flies over her head. Tani crashes into a tree and groans, falling to the ground.

VIDELLE: (surprised) Tani!

TANI: Aw… If you had stayed still for just a little longer, I would've had you Viddie!

VIDELLE: What did Mom tell you about using your powers to fly? It's dangerous!

TANI: Oh come on, I was only like (thinks about it for a minute) five feet off the ground… or maybe it was six. Wait, how many is a feet again?

VIDELLE: You're hopeless.

TANI: That was mean!

VIDELLE: (chuckling) It was meant to be. Come on, let's go home. Mom's probably worried about us and Dad will throw a fit if he finds out we went this far.

TANI: Oh fine…

The two young wolves walk away.

VIDELLE: (voiceover) In those days, we lived a lie. But now, I would give anything to go back and relive that lie with my family.

Scene 2

Grave Hill- A hill located near the Den. Five piles of dirt (graves) rest on top of the hill.

Videlle and Tani pass Grave Hill. Tani is humming to herself.

TANI: (stops humming) Hey Viddie, is that Mom?

Videlle glances in the direction that Tani is looking. Kenya is sitting next to the graves, her head bowed.


KENYA: (Glances over her shoulder) I was just visiting you brothers and sisters. It's been a while since I've come to see them.

Videlle sits next to Kenya while Tani plays at the bottom of the hill.

VIDELLE: Do you miss them?

KENYA: (sad) Every single day. I wished they could have survived, but I guess that's not what the Creator wanted.

VIDELLE: Have you ever considered trying again?

KENYA: Well…

TANI: Mom, Viddie look what I can do!

Tani barks and creates a small tornado. The tornado picks up dust and grass, heading in Videlle and Kenya's direction. Videlle sneezes and the tornado disappears.

TANI: (Disappointed) Dang, I lost my concentration.

KENYA: (laughs) No, it's too risky. And besides, I have my paws full just dealing with you two.

Kenya stands up and walks away. Tani eagerly follows. Videlle sits by the graves a little longer.

KENYA: Videlle! Are you coming?

VIDELLE: Yeah. (runs to Kenya and Tani)

Scene 3

Outside the den- The den is on another hill, a dug out cave in the hill's side. Kenya is lying near the entrance while Videlle and Tani play with a ball of grass. The two try to keep the ball from falling by using their Powers. Videlle blows it up high and Tani readies herself to catch it when Sage steps into the clearing.

TANI: Daddy's home! (The ball bounces harmlessly off her head)

KENYA: (walks over to Sage and touches noses with him) Did you catch anything hun?

SAGE: No but I did find some interesting tracks beyond the river.

VIDELLE: (mutters under breath) Oh great.

SAGE: Care to explain yourself, Videlle?

VIDELLE: It's not like we went that far…

SAGE: (stern) The river, that was what we agreed on. Did I not say that you weren't allowed to cross the river?

KENYA: Sage…

TANI: Daddy it wasn't her fault!

SAGE: Quiet Tani. (turns back to Videlle) You're supposed to set an example for your sister. By crossing the river you broke the rules and so now your sister thinks it's okay to break rules as well.

VIDELLE: She isn't a baby Dad! She knows right from wrong-

SAGE: (raises voice) So why don't you?! (pauses) If you can't be responsible than you can't leave mine or your mothers sight.

VIDELLE: What?! But that's-

SAGE: I don't want to hear it.

Sage enters the den and Kenya follows.

TANI: V-Viddie?

VIDELLE: (sulking) Leave me alone.

Scene 4

Outside the den- Nighttime

Videlle is lying close to the Den, still sulking. Tani is rolling in the grass and Sage is watching them both from the entrance of the den.

TANI: (runs towards Sage) Daddy, it's getting dark! Can you do a light show for us?

SAGE: Not tonight Tani, I'm tired.

TANI: Puhleeeaaase?

SAGE: (sighs) Oh fine.

TANI: Yay!

Sage walks a little ways from the den. He opens his mouth and breaths out, several sparks float away from his mouth and settle in the grass, growing into fiery flowers.

TANI: Wow!

Sage chuckles and the flowers burst into fireflies. Tani jumps and snaps at them. Several of the 'bugs' land on Videlle, but she shakes them off with a growl. Sage walks over to her and gently nudges her.

SAGE: Videlle, I'm only doing what's best for you…

In the distance, wolves howl. The fireflies go out and Sage tenses while Videlle and Tani look in the direction of the noise.

VIDELLE: Is that a pack?

Kenya out of the Den.

KENYA: (cheerful, but nervous) It's getting late! Don't you two think it's time for bed?

Kenya walks back into the den followed by Videlle and Tani.

TANI: Can you tell us a story first?

KENYA: Which one do you want to hear?

VIDELLE: The Moon Children…

KENYA: (surprised) The Moon Children? Why would you want to hear that one? It's not exactly a nice story.

VIDELLE: Please, it's one of my favorites.

KENYA: Alright then.

She lies down and Videlle and Tani lie down on either side of her.

KENYA: It happened many years after the Great Wolf, Lupa died…

Scene 5

Through out the scene as Kenya tells the story, we see different things: Sage, keeping guard outside the den, a pack settling for the night by the river, the moon, 2 wolves howling in the distance.

KENYA: (Voiceover) As you know many years ago, there were seven Clans of wolves. Each clan was named after a child of Lupa and could control a specific element.

There is the Daku clan, controller of the Dark. They could blend in with the shadows and erase their scent from the night. Some could even shadow walk, an ability that is extremely rare.

There is the Zoe clan, wolves that are one with Nature. They can speak with the trees and the plants and could coax them to do as they asked. A select few of them could even heal wounds, an ancient secret learned from the Kurios trees.

There is the Fuego clan, the fire tamers. They whisper and croon to the fire, enticing it with promises and compliments and for that the fire obeys them and dances and plays with them.

There is the Aqua clan, the masters of water. The can shape liquid into any form the please and some, if they concentrate, can create snow, ice, and rain.

There is the Zemlya clan, also know as the earth shakers. They control the very ground itself and create mountains and earthquakes in the blink of an eye.

And then there is the Hewa clan, the clan that we are from. We are known as the dancers in the sky. We are the best hunters, since we can still the wind so prey doesn't find us. The wind obeys us and if you are skilled enough, some of us can drift away from the ground, focusing the air beneath our paws.

And finally there is the Lupa clan, wolves so mysterious that now, we're not exactly sure what they were capable of doing. Some say that the Lupa Clan could control the very moon itself and therefore could control the days and nights.

Out of the Lupa Clan came the Moon Children. These wolves were said to be able control multiple elements and master them. They were incredibly powerful, but insane. They could not tell the difference between enemy and friend, and when they killed, they could not stop.

The Lupa clan was fascinated by the Moon Children and treasured them. But the other clans were terrified of these strange wolves and sought to destroy them. The Lupa clan desperately tried to protect them, but they were greatly outnumbered by their brethren clans.

Sadly, they along with the Moon Children were all killed…

Scene 6

The den-Videlle and Tani are asleep while Sage and Kenya sit outside.

KENYA: Do you want tell me why you were so upset with Videlle for crossing the river? You've never acted like this before…

SAGE: You heard those howls earlier, Kenya. There's a pack settling close by.

KENYA: What?! But didn't you try to-

SAGE: I told them the water is poisonous, but they don't believe me. There's plenty of food here for them, so they plan on staying here 'till spring.

KENYA: (worried) How are we going to keep Videlle and Tani hidden until then?

SAGE: We don't. We'll have to leave for now. We should head deeper into the Hewa forest, get close to the Outland border. If we have to escape, no one should follow us there.

KENYA: Videlle and Tani will wonder what's wrong…

SAGE: We'll tell them it's for a change of scenery. I think they'll be happy to get out of this valley, they've been here their entire lives.

A brief silence passes between the two wolves.

KENYA: Sage… One of these days we'll have to tell them.

SAGE: I know (sighs) I just hope they'll understand by then.

End of Episode 1