In the night the Black Raven glides.
The sun fears and hides.
His wings flap viciously in the sky at night.
Its power is impenetrable and morning reveals no light.
It obliviates all love within its deadly song.
Creature so bold, daunt and strong.
The Black Raven's song never dies.
Spreading terror, pestilence and religious lies.
The dark Lord Lucifer emerges from his prison cell.
Bring forth the apocalypse in a world ran by hell.
Archangels unite to try to save us from the Devil.
Cast Him back down to his level.
A great final war.
Innocent souls being devoured as the Black Raven would soar.
We all grieve, for this day we heed.
The moon crumbles as the Earth bleeds.
Darkness conquers light.
To prevail we must kill the Black Raven that flies at night.