The Dark Night Sky

Most people are often told its time to rethink their life but they like your life as it is. I am not most people, so today when I was being chased by a very large 350kg tiger the thought of rethinking my life crossed my mind a couple of times and I enjoyed the idea. Alas I cannot change my life because of some very terrible, very dangerous and very stupid acts such as diving into a burning building to rescue the endangered species of cat that I have as a pet and getting blamed for lighting the fire because I was at the scene of the crime. I am Star Silvertongue and I attempt to catalogue every story of interest to me. This tale is called "The Dark Night Sky" and it concerns children who wake up in the night to strange noises. This was one of the terrible, dangerous and stupid acts I previously mentioned. This tale is rather scary and happened to many children including me.

I woke in bed. I realised it was still dark. I looked across from my bed and saw a small door in my bedroom wall. I clambered out of bed and crawled over to the small door. I tugged on the handle but the door remained shut. Did I do the smart thing and call my parents or just get back into bed, no I went and grabbed a torch from my desk and shined it at the door. I realised why the door wouldn't open it had a lock. Now did I do the sensible thing no I grabbed a paper clip and began picking the lock? Eventually I managed and the door opened with a click. I now did one of the stupidest things I've ever done. I went through the door.

The door led into a freezing hallway. It was dark and I began to shiver uncontrollably. I pointed the torch at the walls. I heard a low growling and felt absolutely terrified. I began running through the hallway. It had corners on either side. I turned left and found myself facing a brick wall. It was a dead end. I turned right this time I saw another hallway rather than a wall. I grabbed the paper clip from my pocket and began scratching a line over the bricks similar to Theseus the Greek hero using the string. I continued walking and saw on the wall a picture of a dead bird. I frowned wondering what it meant. I continued along the hall and turned left then right then left again. I heard the noise again but this time it was much louder. More like bellowing than growling. I heard huge footsteps. I spun expecting to see a Minotaur but saw instead a huge black creature that looked a bit like a dog. It opened its mouth and I saw hundreds of rows of yellow sharp teeth. Well aren't you a dentist's nightmares I though as the creature reared up and jumped through the air towards me. I rolled out of the way. It slammed into the wall I was in front of narrowly missing me. I ran round a corner and tripped over a pile of bones. The worrying thing was they weren't broken like they had been hit by a 500kg dog but unharmed. I realised something terrible the dead bird was a canary.

What worried so much was the fact canaries were used in mines to test whether the air was breathable and that one was dead. I wondered where if anywhere was unbreathable. I heard a roar as I was pondering this and turned to see the dog leap towards me. I had an idea. I grabbed one of the bones on the floor. I held them in front of the dog. The dog as I guessed ran towards the bone. I dived out of the way and the dog collided with the wall. I ran and ran further through the hall. I began to feel light headed and I realised there wasn't enough oxygen. I began running towards the dog. I through the bone as hard as I could at the wall and the dog ran after it again colliding with the wall. I began tracing the line back to where I started. I heard the dog again it was blocking the only way to run. I had an idea, since I could breathe here there must be a hole and since this is end of the passage it must be the highest point. I had one last bone I threw it at the ceiling. The dog dived into the air for it. Instead of just bouncing of the dog went through the ceiling. I jumped through the hole and saw the open sky.

I breathed a sigh of relief and walked over to the dog. It had died from the multiple collisions with walls and the ceiling. I noticed one of its teeth had fallen out. I picked it up and slipped it into my pocket. I looked around. I couldn't see anything but the dark night sky. The town I live is in the east. So I lay down on the ground waiting for sunrise so I could find east. I knew that the planet Mars was over my house this year so I looked for the red planet and I saw it off in the distance. I fell asleep above the ground under the stars.