I am made from the broken things

molded from the sharpest mistakes.

Your kind words fall on deaf ears

the cruel ones are now all that I hear.

no one left to hear my call,

no more smiling mid crestfall.

I'm breaking and bending against my will,

growing weary of all these roles to fill.

A friend to some, an enemy to others,

nothing but a bother to my sisters and my brothers.

All I want is to be good enough

but I'm so afraid of what I've become.

Though the face in the mirror matches what's inside

There are things I wish the mirror could hide.

The pain, the struggle, every wasted tear,

all that remains of what I held dear.

The writing on the wall is plain

drawing an arrow to all my shame.

All the awful things I've done

put in the open for everyone.

Perhaps it's better to live this way

Just getting by, day by day.

the bigger picture doesn't exist

when you're trapped in a cage like this