Sometimes I want to be a queen

Look all pretty and act supreme

Have power and an awesome might

And whatever I say must be right

Get my subjects to bow down before me

Raised up high, with fame and glory

It wouldn't matter if I was kind or mean

My importance would certainly be seen

I'd no longer fade in comparison

I'd have my way and always win

Now I know queens don't really have that life

They still suffer from strife

And I know that in reality

It's unlikely people will worship me

Even if I was truly treated that way

I might begin to rue that day

I wouldn't want all that attention

Having people constantly mention

All of my flaws and mistakes

I would feel like one of those fakes

I guess I'm fine how I am now

And it's about time for me to take a final bow

I've got to thank all of you

For teaching me to be true

To myself, I'm not a queen

But if I was I'd be the best you'd ever seen