After 6th grade, she left never to be seen again. She was always a weird kid. Claiming she's badass and that type of stuff. However, the fire changed everything in her life. It became more like a symbol that her life will change whenever it pleases so. Grace left her old middle school and came to a new one. A school that made her a better person. Where she made a fresh start, new friends and new crushes. She forgot all of the people she left at her old middle school. She came to a new high school, hoping it would be the school she will stay in the next four years. Hopefully, it will be the best four years of her life. Suddenly, she's back to where she started.

However, one certain guy named Ethan could never forget her. He liked her toughness and how she was different from other girls. He found her attractive and she made him laugh in a good way. He hasn't seen her for almost four years. It's been too long. He would see her pictures on Facebook and wonder what she is like now. Ethan misses Grace. He wishes that before she left, he could have told her how he felt. Over the four years he's had crushes, but not worthy enough to have feelings for the girls as strong as he had for Grace. Ethan didn't expect her to show up at his high school, two months after school has started.

Chapter 1

Grace looked at her schedule. She was satisfied for what she chose. She wanted this year at a new school to be a smooth easy ride. She was sad that she had to leave the people she has known the longest back at her old high school. Grace felt her brows crinkle in frustration. She was disappointed and angry because she thought she would stay at the same high school for the next four years. Instead, her parents had to move her to Homestead High School. The place where most of the people she wanted to forget in 6th grade goes.

Grace prayed that none of them would remember how weird and fake she was. 6th grade was a really hard year for her. She had to learn how to make the right friends and get rid of the bad ones.

Even if they confronted her, she wanted to show them that she is different now. She has changed and matured. Grace knows who she really is. She started walking toward a creamy tan building. Her combat boot wedges tapped lightly against the concrete floor. A gust of wind blew to her face pushing back her naturally wavy locks.

Students passed by Grace minding their own business. Some would stare at her longer trying to match her face to the people they have seen at their school. A realization would light up in their eyes that she is a new girl and they would look away.

It's funny how plenty of students who have looked at me would even bother to ask if I needed help, Grace would wonder. She opened the doors of the building and saw plenty of students hanging around by the lockers and all of them looking at her.

Grace glanced down at her outfit thinking she might have had something on her; possibly bird poop. Her tribal printed off the shoulder top seems okay, her skinny jeans doesn't have a stain on them and her laced combat boots are all okay. If they're not staring at her outfit then what are they staring at? It's because I'm the new girl, Grace thought. Am I really that obvious?

She walked away from their gazes and walked aimlessly through the hallways of her new school, focusing on her schedule. It sucks that she doesn't have any friends yet at this school. She would have made friends back when she knew some of the people that went to her new high school, but back then she doesn't know how to make friends.

A student passed her by. His cologne smells familiar as if she's been this close enough to him before. She stopped walking and turned her head.

Ethan was minding his own business. Talking to his friends and some people in his group. He can't stop thinking about what he just messaged his 6th grade crush on Facebook. I can't believe I told her I liked her when she did long ago, Ethan thought.

A student with dark long naturally wavy hair walked passed them. Ethan stopped in his tracks causing some of his friends to bump into him. "What the hell man? I face planted on your butt because of you!" his small Asian friend Tai Chi said. Ethan ignored him and turned his head. There she was; Grace.

She looked even more beautiful than the last time he saw her. Her hair got longer and she wore the perfect amount of makeup. She doesn't need any, Ethan whispered to himself.

Grace saw Ethan too, and it took her breath away. He's different now, she thought. Grace wondered why Ethan told her a few weeks ago from their conversation on Facebook. When she saw him personally, it took her longer than normal to stare at him. The last time she saw him, he had bangs that went up to his brows. Now, he cut his bangs off and it made him look even more attractive and mischievous. Wow, she thought.

Ethan snapped out of his trance. He slowly walked towards her. Ethan could hear some of his friends muttering, "Is that Grace? Wow she looks different." And "I don't remember much about her but I remember Ethan had a crush on her".

Grace stood her ground. Her heart was pounding heavily against her chest and she doesn't know what to do. A part of her wanted to hug him and say I miss you, she stood there hesitantly.

Ethan broke the ice first, "Hey Grace, it's been awhile. Do you need help finding your classes?" he smiled warmly. Like an idiot, Grace nodded her head like a drunken llama. Then she stood up straighter, there's no need for her to be shy around him. This is Ethan, and she was never shy around him. Grace was grateful he was there to show her around school.

Ethan took a glance at Grace. It looks like she's having fun. She met his eyes, and caused Ethan to have a nagging feeling in his head that this is what should have been for the both of them if she had never left.

A/N: I wrote this to let everything out. As you guys have noticed this is a part of He's No Angel. Ethan will be a very important character in He's No Angel. So please keep reading guys! Thanks! -DreamConfessions