Blinding Smoke

by Fujimi (不死身)

i'm burning these bridges with a smile

not a smile made of happiness or emptiness
rather, one formed from rebellion and acceptance
a rebellious acceptance that this is all I can be:
a person with no bridges to turn toward
to walk across and reach the other side of

their ashes may blind my sight
yet still I persist on lighting match after match
destroying these architects'
beautifully constructed outstretched hands
in one fell swoop

but don't give me that look from afar, please
there's no need
i'm wearing a smile, you see?
we who put on these smiles
will never be looked down upon
nor singled out

because no matter what it is born of
a smile is a smile

smoke may make me close my eyes
in resistance to the stinging
but it can never destroy my smile

my rebelling accepting smile

March 2013