Double Entendre

By Fujimi 不死身

The double meaning caught between words -
"It won't rain forever, Pelleus" -
Gives way to interpretations overflowing in an over-imaginative mind

This rain runs in rivulets between every catch of my breath
Between every tortuously slow blink of my soppy eyelids

How easy it must seem to onlookers
For this downpour to cease and give way to the endless sunlight
Peeping just round the corner

But still at the end of the shower, its remnants remain
Sticking stubbornly between my shoulder blades
Swishing stubbornly in and out, in and out of
The gaps in my slow-beating heart

Does it have to be another person who stops the rain
For our aching souls?

It seems to me that no matter the circumstances
It will persist on drumming against every word, action, and thought
Forever beating between our every double-entendre

*The quote is from the summary of a fanfic I happened to come across... for some reason, the phrase has long since been stuck in my mind

February 2013