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Chapter 1

A Secret Behind

Hanna was getting some flowers for her friend, Lenny. He was in the hospital because hewas skating on his skate board, and sunlight hit his eyes, making him fall. Hanna went to the hospital on a bike.

"Wow, are those flowers for me?" asked Lenny.

"Yes," said Hanna.

After 4 weeks, Lenny was healed. Soon after his recovery, they went into a forest to help Hanna's mom get firewood for New Years'.

They went to get some firewood for the fireplace. Soon, Hanna found some firewood next to a tree that's about two feet high. After she pick up the firewood she fell into a bush and she found a secret passage across a pond.

"Hey! Lenny, I found something!" said Hanna, walking around the pond. Lenny went to find Hanna, and they found a big castle.