Jeremy Kuper



There is someone I know of

Someone you know not of

Would you like to know?

Many people would

Many ask

Many leave with dissatisfaction on their face

Her name

Tell no one, okay?

It is our secret

Like the clubhouse under my bed

Like the dollar in my favorite book

Her name is…..


There you have it

You are now in on this

Bound for life


There is more to tell

Are you willing to hear?

I knew you would be

She hides in plain sight

Genius I know!

In my classroom

Room 234

The one with chipped paint

She sits in the back

Last row

Last desk

No one sees her but me

Maybe you will too

Now that you know she is there

Don't try looking tomorrow

Or the day after

She rarely comes to school

Why I do not know

I believe she is a ninja

Likely, isn't it?

Or travels with the circus!

Not a clown

Don't call her a clown

She does the swinging rope things

Way high up

Suits her

She is over everybodies head

But not mine

No sir

My friends call me crazy

They have not seen her

She was my secret all school year

Now she is yours as well

Please do not tell

Last time she came was Friday

Two Fridays ago!

Can you believe it?

Neither can I

Her parents must be amazing

But never mention them to her

At times I suspect maybe they died

So she searches days at a time

For their killer

Why, to avenge their deaths of course!

Mom told me to never assume

But what else could I do?

Guess what?

Not once in class has she raised a finger

Not one time has she asked Ms. Holly to use the bathroom!

I would not lie

Do you trust me?

One day I will show you


She's blonde like my sister!

She seems so nice

Talk to her?


What if her voice is lost?

Explains the no hand raising

I would not want to embarrass her

When she opens her mouth

And nothing comes out!

We get to watch her though

No one else sees her

We can stare from our desks

She sometimes stares back at me

How lucky can I be?

Please believe me

I will show her too you I promise

Wear something bright

She deserves it

You will see her look outshine even the crispest white shirt

It will be our secret now

Together we can admire

I will show you Laura

In two Fridays when she returns

From possibly war!

The great sandbox war!

That lake is close by

My dad takes me fishing there

Maybe she lives in the water

Maybe she's a fish!

In two Fridays

I swear

This is a gift

She is a gift

Both mine and yours

You are welcome