Son of Good and Evil

I sit in the dark of the fireplace. Hiding. It was the best place I can find given the amount of time I had. I'm scared. Terrified. My mom is fighting a woman that broke into our house, well I shouldn't say she broke in, cause she didn't, she just appeared out of nowhere in the middle of our kitchen, and she's not doing to good.

Normally mom could take on almost anyone without any problems, she's the top martial artist in all of North America, but this women is far from normal. She has light purple skin, pitch black eyes, and claws that are at least 4 inches long instead of finger nails. She's really fast and moves like a shadow, literally. She disappears when mom seems to get the upper hand then reappeared when she finds an opening. And she's strong too. Smashing walls, destroying furniture, shredding appliances whenever mom dodged an attack.

She's here to kill me.

I feel like a coward hiding here while mom risks her life to protect me. But what can I do? I'm only seven, and though mom has been training me, I'm far too inexperienced to help. I'd just get in her way.

I close my eyes and try to focus on happier things. Like when mom would take me to the park and push me on the swings, or when she would make me milk and cookies before we watch would watch a movie. There's no point in worrying, mom's got out of though situations before so why not now? You can do it mom!

Oh no! No! Just when things were looking good the woman with purple skin got mom's stomach with her claws and she's bleeding a lot.

I can't take it anymore. That's it! I feel an overwhelming sense of anger, rage. Mom always taught me to keep control of myself and my emotions when in a fight. I have to keep calm. But then a strange aura starts to engulf my body, it's both black and golden. But that's impossible, right? I must be imagining it. Then my vision begins to go black around the edges. I feel stronger than ever so why do I seem to be losing consciousness?

The lady strikes mom ones more and she falls to the floor, barely conscious as she tries to get back up but fails.

All of my rage burst out of me and I rush at the lady with the intent to kill.

I black out.

Oh god, not again! I wake up in my room. It was just a dream. But now I know today isn't going to be a good day. You see when I dream of my mother's death something bad always happens. Hopefully its nothing bad enough that I'll get kicked out of school, this is my second school this year.

My name is Ceruleus Lancastor by the way, but you can call me Ceruly. I'm sixteen and living with my adoptive parents in Toronto, Canada. After my mom died I was put through multiple foster homes before I was finally adopted by John and Mary Grace.

I check the time and its 6:25, five minutes until my alarm would have gone off. I could lay down for a bit but I decide to shut off the alarm and get ready for school.

I shower, brush my teeth, get dressed, my typical morning routine. Then I head down stairs and see Mary reading the newspaper.

"Good morning honey," she says. "You have a good sleep?"

"Yeah." I lie.

I walk over to the door and put on my shoes, just a simple pair of all black vans. As I'm about to go out the door Mary walks over, gives me a kiss on the cheek, and says, "See you after school, I love you."

"Yeah." I say as I walk out the door.

Why do I get the feeling that I won't be seeing her anytime soon? I put in my head phones and try to enjoy the hour long bus ride to school, I just can't wait for this day to finish.

When I get to school everything seems to go smoothly. I spend english class watching a movie about Shakespeare, and in gym we go outside and do laps around the track. I easily outrun everyone in the class. Mr. Harrison keeps trying to get me on the team but I won't join. I never thought I would stay here long, and today will probably be my last day.

As I run I notice Marcus and Dominic, the school bullies, giving me dirty looks. They go to the same dojo I do and they can't stand it that I'm better than them. I never stopped training after mom passed away. She would've wanted it that way.

Marcus is taller than I am, about six feet, give or take and is much more muscular too. He has sandy blonde hair that hangs over his dark brown eyes. While Dominic seems to be the polar opposite. He seems to be five feet flat and is pretty chubby. He has short black military styled hair. He wears glasses too, but I couldn't tell you the color of his eyes cause I've never got close enough to see them.

They're not bad people, but they're always up to no good. If you're wonder how I know they're not bad it's simple. For as long as I can remember I could sense how good or bad a person is. It's more useful than it sounds.

Dirty looks included, class seems normal and we head inside to get changed. Its lunch time, half way through the day.

I don't have any friends at school. I tend to keep to myself so after I buy my lunch from the cafeteria I head to my locker, sit down, and eat it there.

I'm almost finished when Emma comes over. Her locker is right beside mine so I move over to make room. She's by far the most beautiful girl at school and she doesn't even seem to try. She has her dark black hair tied back in a ponytail but she lets her bangs flow to the side of her face. She wears little make-up, just a bit of eyeliner and lip gloss, a white t-shirt with The Beatles on it, and blue skinny jeans.

Her dad is my martial arts teacher so I see her at the dojo sometimes but I've never said anything more than small talk with her.

"Hi Ceruly." She says.

"Hi." I reply.

That's it, that's normally where our conversations end off. An awkward silence follows. Come on Ceruly! Say something!

As soon as I'm about to she says something that I didn't quite hear.

"Pardon me?" I ask.

She giggles a little. "You ready for your test today. My dad isn't going to go easy on you."

That's right! I almost forgot that today is my test to earn my black belt. If I pass then I'll no longer be Emma's dad's student, but his assistant, I'll help him train the other students and I'll even get paid for it.

"Yeah, I'm pretty nervous though."

"You'll do great. You're my dad's best student in years." She seems to be positive that I'm going pass, I hope she's right.

"Thanks" I say.

Out of nowhere someone bumps into me and I stumble into my locker. It was Marcus and he clearly didn't do it by accident. You see Marcus openly has a thing for Emma and constantly asks her to go out with him only to be turned down everytime . Whenever he sees another guy talking to her he tries to intimidate them into never speaking to her again.

"Watch where I'm going Lancastor!"

Dominic and some of Marcus' other followers laugh hysterically. Typical.

"You shouldn't talk to freaks like this guy Emma. They're contagious." Marcus says, followed by more laughter.

"Marcus why do you have to be such a dick?"

The followers laugh and shout out "oh!" trying to instigate and argument between the two.

"Maybe I'll be nicer if I had a pretty girl like you in my life." Some more laughs. "You really gonna let a girl fight your battles Lancastor?"

More laughter, more ohs. I feel like I'm going to explode.

"What do you say before you test we do a little sparring? I wasn't trying last time we fought, that's the only reason you beat me, so how about I kick your ass this time?" Marcus taunted. His followers are laughing louder than ever now.

"What does tha-" Emma says.

"You're on." I interrupt.

The laughing stops.

"Alright, be at the dojo by four." He seems shocked. I guess he wasn't expected I'd actually accept.

He walks off with Dominic and his followers. They're laughing and yelling back taunts. As if I care.

"You're not gonna actually fight him are you?" Emma asks.

"If it'll shut him up then yeah." I reply.

"Urg, well good luck I guess." She giggles again, "try not to hurt him, too much."

She smiles at me and I get this strange feeling in my gut. My face starts to feel hot, I hope its not as red as it feels.

I think I might actually like this girl. And I think she might like me too.