Speed of Light and Shadows

The rest of the day seemed to go on forever. It went just as any other day would have but the anticipation was killing me. I wanted to hurry up and get this fight with Marcus over and done with, hopefully he'll leave me alone after I win.

There's no questioning that I'm going to win. I know I'm far faster, stronger, and skilled than Marcus. I'm not human after all. I don't exactly know what I am but after the incident of my mother's death I knew that I wasn't human, at least not completely.

Maybe its wrong to abuse my abilities. I could seriously hurt him, but he asked for it.

As I do my warm ups Emma walks into the room looking as beautiful as ever. She's wearing a kimono somewhat like mine except her's is pink with a nice floral pattern, while mine is a plain blue.

What could she be doing here? She's not going to watch is she?

"Hi," she says. "Can I join you?"

"Yeah, of course." I sound a lot more eager than I planned, hopefully she didn't notice. I can feel my face getting red with the embarrassment.

She stands beside me and starts going through the routine that the red belts do, I decide to follow hoping to get my mind of how beautiful she is. It's just so difficult! Every now and then I look over at her. If this fight doesn't go well and I lose control, I'll never get to see her again.

After we have went through the routine and about a minute of silence, she asks the big question that was bothering us both "So, do you think you're ready for the fight?"

Honestly, I think I might be but I'm worried that Marcus will push me too far and I'll snap. I could never tell her that though. I just say, "Yeah, I think so. Let's just hope Marcus learns his lesson this time."

She laughs that cute laugh of her's. I wish I could do more than just answer her questions, have a real conversation with her.

Just as I start to build up the courage to say something she says, "Hey, what are you doing after the test?."

Wait what? She isn't going to ask me... "Nothing I guess. Probably go home, eat dinner, then sleep. It's what I normally do any." I reply trying to act casual even though I'm jumping inside.

"That's no fun. You know, after this I was going to go to the movies with my friends but everyone bailed out last-minute so it's just me, James, and Audrey. Since they're dating I'm going to end up being the third wheel, sucks right? You want to come with?"

No way! Did she just ask me out? Wait Ceruleus, stay calm. Say something cool and don't sound like an idiot. "Uh huh." I say. So much for that...

"The movie starts at 7:30 so you should have about an hour to get ready." She hands me a little piece of paper. "Call me and we'll meet up, ok?"

She really just asked me out! I must look ridiculous cause when she looks at me she laughs. I laugh too.

"What are you two laughing at?" Marcus interrupts. Way to kill the mood... He's wearing the same kimono as mine except his is a crimson red with black lining, his followers are also wearing their kimonos all the same color as their leader. "You ready Lancastor?"

"Are you?" I challenge.

"Alright then. Let's do this."

He walks over to the weapon rack at the far side of the dojo and pulls off a long steel sword.

"Chose your weapon Lancastor."

"You never said anything about weapons."

"Don't tell me you're scared of a little sword fight. Don't worry it'll only hurt for a second."

I'm not liking this one bit. I thought I had enough to worry about if I lost control, but if I have a weapon in my hand when I do then I can kill him. I don't want to kill him I just watch to teach him to leave me alone.

"Coward!" roars Marcus.

Emma tries to say something but the sound is drowned out by Marcus' followers and their laughing.

"Fine," I say as I walk to the same rack he did and pick up two swords, one for each hand, my signature fighting style.

We stand at the starting positions awaiting Dominic to start the match, his right hand raise above his head. He's going to be the referee and I get the feel that Marcus has an unfair advantage. Luckily I have one too. His hand drops and he yells, "Begin!"

Marcus rushes in and swings down his sword, putting all his strength into the swing, and I easily dodge to the left. I counter by swinging my right sword at his shoulder and he blocks it and kicks me in the ribs.

Damn! That actually hurt. I'll give Marcus one thing, he's strong. Physically he's the strongest student in the dojo, and even at school. I'd expect nothing less from the captain of the football team, the wrestling team, and the rugby team.

I stumble back and try to regain myself. He thrust his sword towards my chest and I deflect it with my left. I thrust my sword to his throat and hold it just about and inch away. "You know you can't beat me Marcus. You are stronger than me but I'm a better fighter."

He jumps back.

We continue like this for a little while. I'll deflect his sword and dodge his kicks, I can tell he's getting desperate. He's taking more risks just to try and get a good hit on me but its leaving him wide open.

I notice a big opening and go in to finish this with a hard kick to his side when I feel a sense of mischief. I turn around just in time to block an attack from one of Marcus' followers. It was aimed at my throat. Was he trying to kill me?

I look around and see that I'm surrounded by four guys, plus Marcus, all with their swords ready.

Emma shouts but there's nothing she can do. Dominic is holding her back.

"You're right Ceruly. I can't beat you," he says, "But we can."

I decide to ignore him and stay on guard. There's no reasoning with him at this point. I'm just going to have to beat all of them, alone.

I run towards the shortest of the followers, he gets startled and thrust his sword forward, he looks a couple of years younger than me so I guess he's scared. I jump over the sword and over the boy's head. I realized that it would be easier if I can see them all at once so no one can come up behind me.

They rush at me in groups. I manage to block and dodge most of the attacks but there's too many of them. Marcus is the first to land a hit. I small cut on my cheek. Blood drips down my face but they don't stop. This is bad.

"Stop! You'll kill him!" pleads Emma.

They ignore her. Though some other the younger ones seem uneasy at the though of killing someone, I feel a sense of malice coming from Marcus. Why haven't I noticed this before? He must be able to hide it somehow.

I'm starting to tire, my movements becoming sluggish, heavy breathing, bleeding from the multiple cuts that cover my body, my vision growing black around the edges.


My body begins to flow out that same black and gold aura from the night my mom died. I'm losing control! I try to fight it but it's too strong. I black out.

"Stop Ceruly! Stop!"

Was that Emma? What's going on?

I look around and see Marcus' followers all on the floor unconscious, blood stains their close but nothing looks too serious. Then I look down in front of me. Marcus is on the floor, more blood on him than the others, and the tip of my sword is touching his throat.

Was I about to kill him?

Emma is at the far wall, tears cover her face. She looks like she just saw a monster. She did.

That monster is me.

Am I unlucky or what? I finally make progress on talking with Emma and I ruin it.

I drop the swords and run.

So much for that date.