Muggy, brown skies

Maybe some blue on a good day

Dragons, dragons everywhere

Some are concrete, some are painted

The locals all snap pictures

No, not of the temple, but of the tourists

Some of them are not so shy

Maybe they'll ask you for a picture

Buildings either shiningly new or dynasties old

Older buildings are often the prettiest

Go to the Temple of Heaven and the Ming Tombs

You'll see what I mean

Xi'an is cleaner than Beijing

Not as crowded nor polluted

There's so much more to do here

Bargain for paintings, walk the City Wall

Everyone all looks and acts the same

Trust me, I'm not racist, but it's true

All the locals are very nice

All of them speak English to some degree

You kind of want to go home for free wi-fi

But how could you leave this beautiful city?

So much mystery, so much history

Such exotic beauty can change a person

Like everyone else who goes