The Man Without a Plan B

By Shane Ratnayaka

She lunged forward with the knife. I drove back across the room, knife struck the furniture, as she struggled to release. A vase shattered on the ground as I raced to the door. Struggling with the knob, I glanced back then I saw a shadow approaching. I stepped into the kitchen. Trapped like an animal. She approach her face was filled with fury.

"You're crazy", I said holding firmly on the kitchen bench, " Put that away lady, you oughta know how to respect a guest"

She gritted her teeth, as lung forward with knife. I tried to grab her arm but too late as the knife slid through my guts. I squinted my eyes. The pain was like adrenaline then it slowly decreased. The lady gave way releasing from my grip. She stared in horror.

"I'm sorry" I drawn below. She gasped holding my arm as I held it firmly to her throat lifting her from the ground and stared at her cold pity eyes. She gurgled then I let her plummet onto the ground like a doll rag. I stared down below me as I felt the life leave this room, now it's a place of death, cold as me. I got blood on my hands since the day I was let out loose to this world.

I jumped through window didn't care as the glass cuts me through. I grabbed hold of the knife and yanked it. "Arrr", I cried in anguish. Blood dripped on it then in a matter of minutes my body immediately mended the wound. My body functions as a healing factor it can mend wounds just in matter of minutes.

Suddenly a car had parked by the driveway. "Guess it's her husband", I thought. He looked traumatized as he looked out the window then he held his hands head bewild. "Honey!?" he cried as he saw her body laying on the ground then headed inside. I paid no attention as I begun to walk away. Then suddenly I heard a bang and pain surging in my brain. I stumbled backwards then got up again. Blood tricked through my head. No matter how serious the wounds are my body is still capable of healing them.

"What have you done you murderer you?!" he cried in angry, "Face me coward, you demon!" I looked back at him coldly. It was too late now, the wife, what I did. There was no denying it I had to do it to avoid more attention. I hissed in dismay as he fired wildly with his shotgun, I ran up to him disarmed the weapon by force and turned it against him. After, I removed the bullets from my head and guts with the knife, it was a painful process but nothing my body can't handle. I let it do the rest.

Took the loot from the man as I strapped on the driver's seat of his old wagon. Better than Nothing. It was a rust bucket compare to cars these days but it's an improvement from my last vehicle which won't even run a proper kilometre, without having to shorten a couple of miles, now it broke down. This little town is a mess, cursed and forgotten by how stray they are, been to a lot of towns like this. I wasn't always like this, I was once a man who had volunteered to aid in scientific research then ended being a lab subject. I was given an analeptic of human mutation, which had proven to work on my account, couple of days after the experimentation there was a virus which had threatened and killed everyone except me that is. Somehow my body was able to be immune to the virus. The lab was disposed and the bodies of remains were dumped I manage to escape, explore the world which was hidden so dear to me, like exposing a dark room with light.

Now I'm stuck here driving a hundred km per an hour towards a cleft ready to plummet the car to my death. The rain drizzled through my window as thunder and lightning had struck through my path. My bad luck and curses I thought, even the gods deceive me for what I am. A monster.

My car flies high then plummets below feeling the rocky road below me, the car flipped and laid flat on the mud below sinking. I swum from the wreckage and laid my back on the ground. My internal organs are bleeding, saved with a few cuts and bruises, in a matter of minutes I would be renewed again. Coughed out water and blood as the car sunk into the mud. I then headed towards a tropical jungle waiting for whatever faith lies there for me.

The rain is pinning me like tiny icicle spears and the steep track is slippery. I fell down a couple of times, cursing it for slowing my process. I have to find shelter.. Just have to run away. I manageto reach to a cave by a mountainside and gave the night away.

The deer had only left the meadow just an hour ago, I sniffed the air, the wind is steady so they haven't gotten so far. I just realized that the urban life isn't my type of place to be. I'm a forest guy, doesn't necessarily mean I'm a tree hugger. I do what I can to survive. I scrambled up a tree leaping from tree to tree. With my feral instincts from my mutability, I am able to become more of an efficient hunter.

Predator over prey, as I looked below me from the trees, there they laid by the numbers. This group seemed alert and careful, thinking all coast was clear, they begun grassing. They haven't heard me yet. Slowly and carefully, I picked the closest one and leapt from the trees, toppled on it as it broke onto ground. The others had ran from the site. It gave a struggle as I ended it shortly with a knife. I claimed my triumph and headed back towards the cave.

I placed the dead deer on the wall of the cave and then I stiffed the air. Something didn't seem right. I looked towards cave, in the shadows there were two red dots, as it charged was a large bear. It must have smelt the deer's meat. Must have been there last night just waiting for the right moment to strike. I scurried across the cave before him. He growled menacingly, I leapt on it's back and inject the knife just missing as I hit it's shoulder blade. It trashed me against the wall of the cave as I fell down. I begun to regain conscious then it flung his claws as he turned me over revealing it's teeth. Shielded my arms as it bit through. I cried in pain then stabbed the knife through his throat cutting it open. It fell as I pushed it off giving a roar of victory. I hunt for prey. I fight off predators. I have become the animal.

As I cooked the deer and ate it with glory in my beastly heart, I have decided to keep the ribs and invent more efficient hunting tool. I cut through the bone of the rib cage. Leaving six long bones altogether, then carved and sharpened it with a knife. I cut through the fore hand of my skin, grimaced in pain as I stuck the new bone through it, my skin over healing on it. I did for each one, which was no easy job, and then I tied it with some old rope I found in the cave for it to stay stable as my skin overlapped. It had become apart of my body, like an extra limp. I grinned in admiration, of what I just invented, a killing device.

Hunting has never been so easy and so floorless till the day I met my match. I was ravening through the jungle when I smelt something was close. Something was hunting me. I scratch through the hair that had grown at the side of my cheeks, then look towards my left. GARRWWAH! Was a leopard, it pounce, I manage to block it with my hooks. It growled. I roared with much envy. It leaped again I clawed at it as it fell. Blood trickling from it's shoulder moving away from me as it kept its distance. It circle around several times as I kept a close eye on it. With tenacity it leap beside and jumped towards my back, turned quickly stuck my claw at it. It came down then, with my claws, I mixed-mashed it with all the fury inside me till it no longer twitched. I roared with pride. I am now king of this jungle. No predator can bring me down.

The other day, I smelt something strange, something that was out of place in this jungle I call home. I leaped from tree to tree then I saw them. Humans. Something I once was seemed so foreign to me. I watched them with curiosity. They were hunters as they held rifles by their sides. Then something didn't seem right as I saw one of them was trying to light up a fire. Then I knew. They were going to drive the animals away for some easy hunting. I roared with anger, they hesitated but were too slow as I slaughtered one of them then discard the fire costing me my chance to kill the other. I realized humans were lousy slakes who intend to cheat to win and bring danger to others not realizing the damage they could have done, that's coming from an animal.

Once I was caught in a trap, dangling up in ropes, as it had spikes cutting through my skin bleeds. I manage to escape with ease of my claws cuts through the net as I continued through my journey. It seems they are trying to capture me, they know of my existence but barely know what I'm capable of.

Some nights I feel myself closing in, I remember the people I have slaughtered to stay alive, the man and the wife, I don't regret it but I still see their faces before they die their last moments. Something that I keep running from, I lose my mind, I get angry all the time bring it from my rage kill some more for the sake of being a savager. Now I've found my part of the world a hunter in a hunter's ground. Just perfect but not completely overwhelming. It's the same game over and over again. Need to a fresh start but can't find an end to this running away.

Then the next morning I saw a military chopper in the sky it was heading towards my cave, I ran down the path as it begun to fire at me. I fell down from the blows and tumbled down the cliff. Soldiers surrounded me as I got up. I roared in fury then tore through the soldier's site. My fear spikenard me as I watch the expressionless men beneath a mask. Gave out a roar. Kept a perimeter as they fired with their weapons, which made me more aggressive and angry. I went berserk rampaged tore through the closest one with my claws but they kept their distance. Backing away then they suddenly started to gas me. It wasn't an immediate effect as I went through it like a mist. They continued to gas till the whole area was vast with it. I felt drowsy then plummeted on to the ground. Blacked out completely to whatever intention they had with me.