Once upon a time

In a kingdom far away

Lived two little girls

Who together did play


Would say one sister to the other

"So much prettier am I than you"

But never once did this stop

Their friendship being true


One was fair, the other dark

But oh, what fun they had!

Skipping ropes and telling jokes

To make their mother mad


Days sped by, then weeks, then months

Like a swallow, time did fly

And those sisters two together grew

As the years flew by


Two princes came a-riding

With starry, lovestruck eyes

The sisters part, though not at heart

Another chapter does arise.


Their lives went on, their trust prevailed

For many, many years

But anger spiked, a rift did strike

Causing empty, bitter tears


Days crawled by, then weeks, then months

The sisters scarcely spoke

Their mother sighed, not knowing why

She continued living in hope


Then one sister learnt some news

Learnt something very sad

Within her breast there lay a chest

With contents very bad


Her sister heard the phone ring

Naively raised it to her ear

Heard the voice, could not rejoice

Her soul was sick with fear


Sicker and sicker the sister grew

But cheerful all the while

The rift forgot, their trust begot,

They shared a knowing smile


But this tale is not of sadness

For one day spring returned

The tests were clear and all the fear

Was swiftly overturned


And now the sisters stand again

Side by side once more

So much to do, they skip on through

The fairytale castle door.