Author's Note: I got bored so I wrote this random thing.

The Cave of Cursed Tomatoes

In a dark cave near a small city

Grew plump tomatoes, shiny and red.

But whoever was given one needed pity

For the result ended with someone dead.

For the cave was cursed with terror

And tempts people with its red crop

That picking them would be an error

And dreadfulness would not stop.

The results can be told in a tale

About a quiet lady who no one understood.

She seemed so quiet and frail

And would always be in the cave in the woods.

Ignoring the warning sign posted in front of the cave.

The lady picked the tomatoes, fresh and good.

She picked the tomatoes, feeling brave.

Then the curse brought something that it would.

She picked the red and ripe tomatoes until midnight

Until she picked the hundredth one at last.

Then as sudden lightning flashes on her bright

A transformation takes place fast.

Her hair and eyes turn tomato red

And she can move faster than the speed of light.

Out of the cave she lifts her head

And flies off into the dark night.

She transforms the hundred red fruit

Into five that are plump and bigger.

Then carrying a tomato loot

An interesting plan she triggers.

Every five people she finds in the night

She feeds them a red vegetable.

Then they are filled with terrible fright

And the results are incredible.

Their skin turns red and their bodies fat.

Out of their heads horns sprout and grow.

Then they go out and attack like rats.

This is the curse of picking a cave tomato.

It continues every night with five new transformations.

And soon the whole village will be overrun.

It might become a tomato creature nation,

and it is all because of the lady having some fun.

When morning comes she changes back

To a normal lady plain.

Then she spends the day picking tomatoes before another attack.

You can tell she is somewhat insane.

Is it her fault for one day finding the cursed cavern

And feeling rejected, ignored the warning sign?

For the tempting tomatoes took her life on a turn

And cursed her to do this, feeling happy and fine.

Yes, the tomatoes corrupted the lady with a lie.

She spreads the curse they bring.

The tomato monsters are really sick and later die.

Can no one stop such a horrible thing?

So now you know and hopefully understand

The curse of the tomatoes in that cave.

And stay away if you are near the cave in that land

Or it will be you that no one can save.