Written by Future Of Fall Out Boy

Chapter One

The Nightmares are never ending. I don't sleep, I can't, but they don't stop. You don't have to dream, they plague your every waking step. Sometimes I get relief from the horrors in my head, through feeding them. The rubbery flesh between my teeth and the warm liquid to wash it down feeds the Nightmare and allows me short solitary silence. My Nightmares involve violence and water; they repeat themselves sometimes, when they can't feed on any more terrors that my old brain held, every time I see a woman drowning in a bathtub. I don't know this woman but I must have known her before the Nightmares. I don't remember anything from before but I think my old life involved violence because the Nightmares reflect what you were before. Everyone's Nightmares are different, because everyone's lives were different; sometimes if I feed with others like me I can peek into their Nightmares. I try not to do that.

Occasionally I see Nightmares worse than mine and I cannot begin to imagine how they cope with them. The Nightmares leave you blind; you don't know where you are or what you're doing. I've noticed I feel more than the others, I almost see with my fingers, I recognise more than the rest do. Others like me seem to wander around completely blind and helpless, I don't think the others have found this sense. I tried to someone once but I couldn't speak. I screamed as loud as I could in my head, in my Nightmare, but no sound escaped my throat. I wonder if someone else has worked out how to use this skill. I hope they have because it would help.

I often wonder how my Nightmare ends; I still haven't reached the very end of the torture. I don't think I know anyone who has. I want to know if the end explains the Nightmare. I want to know the answers. I want to know who the person who never stops drowning is, who I meant to this woman, who I was before the Nightmares and how I became plagued by the Nightmares. I wonder if I died to become this way and how I died and if it was painful.

Right now I'm walking through a forest, taking in the soft bark and dewy ground, it must be morning. It's raining, the tear drops wash over me, baptising me. The scent of musty damp almost overwhelms me and reminds me of the pale face plunged under water, her shocked eye-bulging expression and the soft brown hair sprawled, floating in the week-old water. I think I hear footsteps but I'm not sure. I don't think there are many non-Nightmare people left and I think that's dangerous. I wonder what will happen when there aren't any people left to feed on, to silence our Nightmares for a while. Perhaps we will find salvage in something else but we'll probably just start feeding on each other and that scares me. I think.

I turn around to where the possible footsteps are coming from. I smell perfume; I know its perfume because of my Nightmare. It smells exactly like what my Nightmare smells like, soft roses blooming in the Spring. I hope this isn't a new Nightmare, I've just grown accustom to the dingy bathroom horror. "Hello?" A high-pitched voice calls out. "Jake? Is that you?" On impulse, I begin my stumble towards her, hoping to find my salvage. "Jake? I told you this was a bad idea!"

"He can't be dead." Another woman sobs. I hide behind a tree, clutching the soft bark with my fingers.

"C'mon, Sarah...we'll look again later. I promise." I hear the women walk off and wonder if I've lost my chance, my window for my short peace.

Then I hear a scream. I hobble faster towards them, grateful for the hopeful distraction. Maybes I will get some peace. I reach them and hear someone else feeding. Soft groans and tearing of flesh, I think there's only one person. I hear another footstep and a scream. "Sarah!" I turn to the scream and pounce. I grab the girl by the waist and bite into her arm. She starts squirming but quickly stops. Darkness. Pure darkness and silence. No water, no drowning girl, no screaming and defiantly no Nightmare. It's utter bliss.

A white vision enters my head. A running girl, who looks like the girl from my Nightmare, she's running from something through a forest, she's running so fast she can't see where she's going. She trips over a twig and go flying; she immediately attempts to scramble up and run again but doesn't have the energy or strength and falls back to the mossy earth. A figure looms over her and she screams.

Someone else has fed with me. I lift my head and reach my hand out to them. It collides with them and I see a face. A man, he has blonde hair and his face is a little chewed but I've seen worse. I feel him turning to me. "Hell...O." He sighs like he's exhausted. He's just spoken. Someone has found out how to speak this is brilliant. I want to scream with excitement and bombard him with one million questions but instead I sit with him and feed. I have no problem sharing his Nightmare, it intrigues me, and I want to know everything.

Finally he stands up. I follow him, ready for the sudden horror to hit me. I follow him through the forest. "St...Op...Follo...Wing...M...E." He says. I catch up with his slow drag and touch his arm. He stops dragging and stares at me again. "I'm...Mar...Ty...Who...Are...You?" I shrug. "I...Will...Call...You...Su...Sie..." I nod; I didn't know I was a girl. I wonder if he can see. "Can...You...Speak?" I shrug again. "I...Don't...Think...You...Can..." He stares at me. "Your...Nightmare...Is...That...You? I...See...Her...Too..."

"I don't know." I say in my head.

"I...Heard...You..." He says. Marty smiles at me. "Come...With...Me..."