"God damn it, why don't you guys just sent me to a fucking all-boys' school!"

Kristina Anile, 16. Has straight brown hair, slightly wavy, which is parted on the side of her forehead and reached slightly below her shoulders. A sweet charming and beautiful girl, who surely was outgoing. But maybe that was what she used to be. Nevertheless, had excellent grades and came from a wealthy family. What else could she possible want? Life seems pretty perfect under these circumstances.

She only wanted to fall in love. Or well — to be exact, she only wanted to be able to fall in love.

She did perhaps, for a short amount of time. Kristina dated Blake, the sex god — or that's what the others refer to him as. But was it really true love? Kristina wasn't sure. Maybe it was just because of the alluring appearances of the two. Blake was that type of athletic genius with a masculine build. Short blond hair, plays basketball, rugby, soccer, and well— just an athlete star. Others saw them fit for each other like fate has landed upon them, but they never really knew each other for who they were. It was just plain appearance.

Jessica, Kristina's childhood friend never supported Kristina's relationship with Blake. She would always tell her that he wasn't suitable for her, but as for being teased or envied, Kristina felt special. Though once Blake asked her out, Kristina's school performance has been lowered. They were still pretty outstanding, but those A+'s soon turned into A's, and of course, Kristina's parents weren't happy with this type of change.

"Kristine!" That's what Chelsea, her mother called her. "Look at this paper! What is this?! A 93%?! How do you think you'll find success if you continue like this?!" Kristina's mother slammed the piece of test paper on the dining table.

"Chris," That's what her dad Rick called her. "Are you dating?"

"What?" Her mother frowned.

"What, no. I'm not," Kristina rolled her eyes.

"Then what's with these text messages?" Rick held Kristina's fold with two fingers.

"What?! Dad! You were looking through my messages?!" Kristina snatched away her phone that was held in Rick's hand.

"Well?" Rick crossed his arms.

"Kristina Anile! Are you dating?" Her mom would use her full name when matters got serious.

"…Maybe I am," Kristina crossed her arms and looked down.

"…I'm going to get you out of this fucking school," Rick shook his head.

"What?!" Kristina instantly looked up at her dad and widened her eyes.

"Chris. I thought we told you that you can't be dating anyone in high school. I guess I'll just have to transfer you somewhere else."

"Rick… Is this really necessary? I mean…"

"Chelsea, you know young love… high school isn't the right time. There's nothing we can do but get her transferred if we don't want this little relationship to happen."

"…I guess you do have a point… Feelings are hard to control especially at this age," Chelsea nodded in agreement.

"Well then Chris. You won't be seeing that Blake of yours anymore."

"Dad! What the fuck! You guys are just controlling me! I'm sorry that I'm not born as a guy. God damn it, why don't you guys just sent me to a fucking all-boys' school!"

"Kristine! Don't talk like that to your parents!"

"…" Rick smirked. "Chris… that actually is a brilliant idea!"

"Rick!" Chelsea grabbed his arm.

"Chelsea. If we send her to an all boys' school, she won't have that feminine influence on her, and be surrounded by young men. That way, Chris will be influenced to forget all the girly thoughts she has… Moreover… If she is disguised as a boy, no guy will like her," Rick smiled upon his words.

"Rick! I know you always wanted a boy, and I can't give that to you anymore, (because of reproductive issues) but do we really need Kristine to enroll in an all boys' school? Don't you think that's going a little far?"

Kristina stood there looking at her parents talk about her future of being enrolled in an all boys' school.

But suddenly Rick turned to Kristina and said, "Chris. I'm going to go ahead and help you apply for the Chesyn High."

"Dad, are you fucking serious?"

"Does it look like I'm joking?" Rick rasied his eyebrows and walked away.

"What the fuck!"

"Language young lady! I agree this is outrageous, but if it will help you in your future, I have no reason to disagree. Now, to your room. You better dump that Blake of yours. You'll be attending Chesyn High starting from Monday," Chelsea turned around and left as well.

Kristina was left there, standing idle in the middle of the dining room.

"Oh my god. What is wrong with life," Kristina walked upstairs into her room and slammed the door.

She took out her phone from her pocket and quickly speed dialed her best friend Jessica. The phone beeped for a few seconds and then Jessica picked up.

"Hey girl! What's up?!" Jessica squealed into the her cellphone.

"Jess, I'm fucking transferring into Chesyn High!"

"Chesyn High…? Wait… Chesyn High is an all boys' school though!"


"Oh my god! That's so awesome!"

"…Jess, I'm serious."

"Okay okay, I'm sorry. But okay. Um. Okay. Why?"

"…Parents found out Blake and I are dating. Kinda flipped I guess?"

"Wow. You know, I told you Blake wasn't the right guy for you."

"…That's not my point…"

"Oh yeah… Well um. How's that going to work? I mean like you know… You— girl, going to Chesyn… All guys' school."

"Apparently I'm supposed to disguise as a guy or something. I don't even know."

"…I don't know… I don't think that will work…"

"Yeah… I'll look like a girl no matter how I try."

"…But are you for realsies? You're seriously transferring?"

"…You know my parents. When they want to do something, they'll get it done."

"That's… true…" Jessica's voice got softer.

"Jess… Well… We'll still hang often yeah?"

"…Course… But what the fuck. How can your parents do that? You can't just leave me like that… I'm serious Kristina."

"Life's life. And now they're telling me to break up with Blake."

"…You really like Blake that much?"

"Well, I don't know… I actually don't know him very well and it's not like we see each other often. It's just a… I don't know, appearance thing. I mean, he's pretty good looking you have to admit, right?"

"Yeah he is, but like…"

"I know, I don't know. It's just like I hear everyone say oh, you two are perfect for each other. Maybe it's just like a thing, something to be… I really don't know."

"Well I guess breaking up won't be too bad then?"

"Nah, don't think so. I'm not that pathetic you know," Kristina chuckled.

"Haha, alright. Then I guess I'll let you give him a call now, kay?"

"Yeah, I'll do that. Oh and Jess. About me transferring into Chesyn. That's just between us two alright?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Haha, then talk to you later."

"Kay, love you."

"Love ya."

Kristina ended the call.

"Now Blake…" Kristina let out a sigh.

Kristina searched for Blake's number on her phone. Funny it wasn't on speed dial. She found his number and pressed call.

No one picked up. Kristina dialed again. No answer.

"The fuck?" Kristina rolled her eyes, "Whatever."

The sun soon set and it was getting late. Kristina tried calling Blake again, but again, the call was not answered. Suddenly, the door of her room opened and her mom came in.

"Mom! Can't you knock?!"

"Now Kristine, that is not how you would speak to your mother. Mind your tone," Chelsea shook her head. "Here," Chelsea tossed something to Kristina.

"What's this?"

"Take a look."

Kristina opened the bag and took out a brown piece of silky texture item. It was a wig.

"A wig? What? Are you expecting me to wear this shit?"

"Language! How many times do I need to remind you!" Chelsea shook her head. "Well anyways, I believe you didn't want to cut that hair of yours, so we have to get a wig. I'm being considerate."

"…" Kristina moved the wig around and stared at it. Walking to the mirror, she tied her hair up and put the wig on.

"Hey, it doesn't look too bad at all!" Chelsea smiled.

"…" Kristina spun around and jumped up and down. The wig didn't fall off. "Mom, how much did this cost?"

"Ah, not much, a thousand something dollars?"

"Mom! Is this really necessary? It's just a wig! You don't need to spend that much on it!"

"Kristina dear, it really isn't that expensive, and look. It's pretty high quality and fitting I'd say."

"…Ugh." But Kristina had to admit, it was a pretty damn high quality wig.

"Is it comfortable dear?"


"Then perfect! Now we just need to get you some new clothes and something to hide those breasts of yours!" Chelsea danced around and exited the room.

"That mom of mine…"

The next morning came shortly and Kristina checked her cellphone. Blake hasn't called her back yet. Kristina tried dialing again, but with the same results, no reply.

"…" Kristina sighed, "I guess it's not that important at the moment anyways," she muttered to herself.

"Rise and shine dear!"

"MOM! I though I told you to knock!"

"Ah, Kristine, there's no time to care for that matter. I got all the things you need for disguise!"

"…" Kristina watched as her mother spread out many things on her bed.

"First, you need to learn how to conceal those breasts of yours… So take off your shirt."

"…Really mom, I can do it myself."

"No no dear, now c'mon."

Kristina shook her head as she sighed but did as she was told. She took of her shirt and tossed it on her chair.

"Now, this might be a little tight, but bear with me."

"…Yeah yeah."

Chelsea took a piece of bandage like cloth and wrapped it tightly against Kristina's bra.

"Mom… This is really tight…"

"I know dear, but you're not going to suffocate so it's fine," Chelsea kept tightening the bandage.

"…This is really uncomfortable, Mom."

"Shh," Chelsea ignored her, and did the finishing touches. "Tada! This is a masterpiece!"

Kristina looked in the mirror to see bandages wrapped around her chest. Her bra was now covered, and only the straps could be seen. But it wasn't bad; it concealed her breasts pretty well.


"Ha, I told you so, I'm such a wonderful mother."

"Yeah, yeah…" Kristina rolled her eyes.

"Now, you need to try on the clothes!" Her mother seemed to be squealing with joy. Kristina was literally one of those model mannequins.

Kristina picked out a pair of jeans, black t-shirt, and a purple plaid shirt. She'd see men dressed in this type of attire in some of the magazines she read. She quickly dressed and looked into the mirror.

"Mom, how did you get some perfect clothing in terms of style and size?"

"Hey, your mom is wonderful remember?" Chelsea winked.

"Ha," Kristina spun around and posed. Looks like this transfer to Chesyn High would be an interesting one.

"Chris!" Rick knocked on the door.

"Come in Rick! Take a look at Kristine!"

Rick entered the room and looked at the teen in front of his eyes. He almost couldn't, or couldn't at all, recognize this person. With the new style of clothing and wig, Kristina was a total different person.

"Wow! My my! Chris! You look wonderful!"

"…" Kristina shrugged.

Rick nodded in approval. "But anyways, I wanted to come tell you I got you accepted into Chesyn High."

"How?" Kristina raised her eyebrows.

"You know, I got my ways. Who would reject me, Rick Anile?" Rick gave out a small laugh.

"…Haha…Very funny dad."

"Well anyways Chris. From now on, you will be formally a guy, and of course, you'll be known by Chris and not Kristina Anile."

"Dad, can I… use a different name? Like… If I was a guy, I don't want to be called Chris. It's so… common."

"No. I've used the name Chris to apply for Chesyn, so you will go by that name.

"Oh…" Kristina murmured.

"Well then, you will be attending Chesyn starting tomorrow, and you will be living in the dorms there," Rick continued.

"Wait, what?! Dorms?!" Kristina widened her eyes in shock.

"Yes. Of course. I expect you to maintain top grades and break contact with your friends from your old school," Rick shook his head. "And of course, I don't want to hear another word about Blake or any relationship related topics. Understood?"


"Chris. Answer my question."

"…Yes, dad."


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