Marching, we come.

Further, we go.

March to his death

At the gallows below.

Hands locked in shackles

Legs strapped together tight,

Carried you are

To an endless of night.

Brought to the stairs,

Blood-stained and work right,

Creaky, you go up, to an endless sleep.

The stairs creak as you walk to your doom.

Noises around,

Like an eerie ghost tune.

Step, step, step, to the middle

Awaiting the word to put ropes

On your soft, fleshy neck.

The call is made, the end is near,

The noose wraps around your neck

And you struggle to breathe,

Come, take your last breath.

The lever is pulled,

Your feet fall from below.

I hear a quick, snap, and

I know you have gone.

Minutes, we stare

At your body suspended,

As we weep and we cry

For our loss, pretending you're here, but

In actuality, you have turned a blind ear.

Good bye, traitor, bye.

Stabbed us in the back.

Bye traitor, bye.

Don't you ever come back.