Why must the angels cry?

The death machines come rolling by.

They tear us limb from limb.

But, did we even do anything?

They hate us cause they say

That we have different ways.

That might be true, but then it might not.

We all have different ways of being taught.

Some use pictures, some use words;

We all have sayings and some have slurs.

But, we will stand our ground!

Stick to what we think is right.

So when fate comes around;

We will stand our ground!

Giving arms to scholars,

Paying countless dollars.

Enlisting our own children,

While we're hiding in a building.

We can't give in yet, We must hold our own;

Even if that means we lose everything we've ever known.

Surrender is for the weak; Giving up is much too bleak.

If one life is lost, we must carry on;

We must honor those who had been wrong.

So, we must stand our ground!

Hold tight to our ideas, thoughts, and dreams.

For if we let them go,

We honestly don't have anything.

There are some in this world, who

Value possessions more than a life is.

They are the selfish, the arrogant, the lost.

We mustn't be lost, we will be found.

Just believe in it and you can't go wrong!

Peeking through shattered glass,

Watching the hours pass,

As the tide turns red from the blood of the fallen,

We must hold our ground, run and grab your arms.

They are invading now, No! Don't run, stay and

Hold your ground!

Metal casings litter the floor,

The lifeless corpses fall through the door.

Brothers against brothers,

Fathers against sons,


What has this world become?

The turmoil is over.

Nobody is left.

But, even in death,

We have held our ground.

As the angels stop weeping

And the toxicity subsides,

Everybody has fallen.

For none sha'll rise.