I was listening to Cendrillion while thinking of something to write, so... Yeah. This was born. Please treat it kindly.

Gripping a jewled dagger between her long fingers, she strode across the ocean of springy grass to come to the elaborate entrance of the manor. Her job was simple: Kill the earl. She took a deep, calming breath before entering the gala. Around her danced the great lords and ladies, glowing in all their splendor, their smiles fake or nonexistant.

Through the twirling forms she spied her target, a handsome young man dressed in navy livery, a genuine smile stretched over his face and glossy black hair tied back in a low ponytail. She felt a strange flush work it's way over her cheeks as he looked her way, his deep blue eyes widening. She squeezed her eyes shut, sure that at any moment he would call for her to be thrown out.

But no.

She chanced to open her eyes, and was surprised to see her hand in his. With a kiss to her fingers, he asked for her hand in a dance. She breathlessly accepted, her heart pounding in her ears. The musicians began to play a waltz, sweet and soft. Away they danced, she in a soft aqua gown and he in midnight livery, blue angels fallen from the clouds.

Content in these moments, she begged the gods to stop time so she could live like this forever.

But then she heard a voice, that horrible, reptillian voice belonging to the devil that whispered her to finish the job. Tears came unbidden to her eyes, darkening the clothes of her dance partner. He gently took her chin in his gloved hand, inquiring.

She sobbingly revealed her dagger.

He looked down into her tearful eyes, comforting her all he could. Gently extracting the blade from her shaking grasp, he told her not to worry.

The blade clattered against the cobblestone floor as she tightly embraced the earl.

He led her out, into the calm forest beyond, where they dissapeared, wiping away tears and laughing sheepishly. Behind continued the endless dance, the Masquerade of Ice.

so. sappy, right? not to mention unlikely... oh well. just had to get this out there.