He is Risen, Indeed!

Savior, in our night of weeping,

Tell us of that joyful morn.

Guard our souls, their vigil keeping,

In the hours of hate and scorn.

Into the Earth's lower parts descending,

And bursting by His might the chain,

That bound the prisoners, and at three days' ending,

As Jonah from the whale, has risen again.

Then rising from death's dark gloom,

Unseen by the mortal eye,

Triumphant over the dreaded tomb,

The mighty Lord of earth and sky!

Could neither seal nor stone secure?

Nor men or devils make it sure?

The seal is broken, the stone cast by,

And all the powers of darkness fly.

Mary saw Him at the tomb,

And "Master!" cried,

Her sorrow never again to loom.

For risen is He who had died.

Ring, ye chiming bells! Tell this gladsome story!

Of this happy time, this wondrous Easter time!

Tell the world the King has risen in glory!

Ring your glad, triumphant chime!

"He has risen!" the angels cry,

"Risen indeed is he who had died!"

To Heaven the angels fly,

And gladness fills those who had sighed.

Ring you bells! Ring as dawn appears!

Ring, oh ring, for the angels bright

Came to tell news that forever cheers

All pilgrims that seek that blessed light!

As He has risen, raise us too,

Tune our hearts and voices anew,

To offer homage, glad and true.

All glory in the highest!