Ode to Stories

Verbal and/or written, it's meant to be aloud.

Little babies reading make mamas proud.

Careful though, the page may rip,

Those silverfish want a nip.

Now when it's spoken, you're ahead,

To get it told when you're in bed.

Grandpas and grandmas come to join in,

Bringing with them, a candy-filled tin.

Whether about a tiny tick,

Or a kangaroo's mighty kick,

It makes you feel like you're on a cloud,

Or as if you'll make the snip.

It can be a war, raging loud,

Or a game with a pip.

Family comes first, along with Uncle Ted.

Who knows, they could be a jinn.

Of course you'll just have to hold stead.

A story's, a story, even with a pin.

Whether with pages that stick,

Or a sister that picks.