I stared down at my bloody axe, chuckling silently to myself. That'll teach him to act like my real father. I licked blood off of my fingers as I took in the sweet stench of copper.

There was a creek in the floorboard somewhere behind me. I turned and stared straight into my mother's widened eyes. Fear illuminated off of her as she looked around her blue room, now covered in blood. On the bed laid her husband split in half. His head was bashed in and he had multiple stab wounds in his skin. It was pretty obvious that he was dead.

My mother covered her mouth with her hands. I couldn't tell if she was crying or if she was just afraid for her own life. She never cared about anyone but herself, anyway. She didn't care about me, she didn't care about my little brother, she didn't care when dad died, and she didn't care about this man's life. Just hers. Always hers.

I tilted my head and smiled slightly as I continued to lick his blood off of my hand.

"You're crazy," my mother whispered, lowering her hands slightly, "Did you stop taking your medicine?"

I wiped away some of the blood from my lips, "Did I ever have medicine?"

Even through the darkness, I could see that she was shaking violently. It was funny, actually. She honestly believed that I was crazy. What exactly makes someone crazy? I've been to an insane asylum before. But, hey…that was for me to get help for my schizophrenia. This wasn't a cause of schizophrenia…this was just hatred towards someone who believed that he could take the place of my father.

I sighed, "Are you going to call the doctors again, mommy?"

She took another glance over at Seth before falling to her knees. She gagged violently, trying to get some sort of bile up her throat. I stared at her, a smile still on my face.

She finally threw up onto the carpet floor, screaming about how I had to go back.

I rolled my eyes and flung the axe at her. It hit the floor by her knees and sprayed a few drops of blood onto her face.

She screamed again.

"Shut up," I said, crossing my arms.

Her eyes flickered up to me; her sadness and fear slowly became pure hatred aimed directly at me.

And I loved it.

I smirked, "What? Get up and call the doctor again. Do what you always do. Blame the madness that envelops me! But, you know what? I'm your daughter! I'm this way because of you!"

She shook her head and grabbed onto the doorframe. She forced herself to her feet.

I snickered.

"Mika," she whispered, looking directly into my eyes, "You're crazy…you need help."

I widened my eyes sarcastically and tilted my head.

Crazy? I wasn't crazy. Hah! What is crazy? I'm not crazy. What made me crazy? Is it because I'm sadistic? Awh, that's not nice.

Her lip quivered.

"Would you like to play a game," I asked softly, smiling.

She backed up a step. Something caught her attention down the stairs, making her turn her head quickly.

"Aiden," I questioned, loud enough for him to hear it.

My mother looked back at me, "No…please…"

I crossed my arms and put my head back to the normal position, "Call the mind doctor for me and the hospital for mommy, please."

His footsteps disappeared and I grinned again, "One…two…three…"

My mom backed away for a moment before turning and doing a full-out sprint in the other direction.


I heard Aiden talking to my doctor on the phone. He was always so obedient. It was a great thing, too. To know that I had pawns of all shapes and sizes. The greatest thing in the world to me is to know that my greatest pawn is my little brother.

I started walking in the direction that my mother ran in. I knelt down and picked up the axe before continuing to walk.

I sighed, "It's not smart to back yourself into a corner, mother."

Honestly. We've played this game multiple times before. One would think that she would get the hang of it. If she actually ran downstairs and out the door, it would make it much less easy on me to find her and hurt her. But she always ran to the same room and hid herself in the same stupid corner.

I stood outside of the door and crossed my arms.

"Shall we just skip to ten," I asked, leaning forward slightly, "since you aren't changing up your hiding place at all?"

She didn't answer.

I rolled my eyes and kicked the door open. I stepped inside and scanned the dark room for any signs of movement.

I let my hands fall to my sides.

See, now I knew exactly where she was. But, I wanted to allow her to calm down before I threatened her life.

I leaned against the doorframe and sighed, tilting my head again. I allowed my eyes to fall sideways to look at the closet that she always hid in.

I started to hum.

Aiden said his goodbyes to the dispatcher. I stood straight. I continued to hum as I walked over to the closet. I threw the door open and stared down at my mother's shaking body. She was curled up in the fetal position with her hands over her head.

I knelt down, "Now, now…Aiden called the cops and an ambulance. You won't die."

She whimpered.

I stood and swung the axe back. I let it fall, creating a large gash in her leg. She screamed and grabbed it. Blood began to seep through the creases in her fingers.

I raised an eyebrow and hit her on the side of the head with the side of the axe, causing her to fall to her side.

Sirens blared outside and I smiled. Those weren't normal sirens. Those were my doctor's sirens. They were coming to take me away.