I stayed in the asylum for a few months…I've been taking my pills and going through therapy. And now they are finally going to let me go back home.

My mother came and picked me up.

Things were tense between the two of us. The last time we talked, it didn't go over so well. I turned Aiden against her, and now she has no idea where he is. She said that he wanted to get as far away from her as possible, and would maybe come back when I got home so that he had someone he can talk to.

I sighed and looked out the window.

My mom looked over at me before returning her eyes to the road, "Have you taken your pills today?"

"No," I said, "I'll take them before I go to bed."

She laughed sarcastically, "Yeah, that's what you said last time and you stopped taking your pills. Then look what happened. You killed my husband, hurt me, and made your brother run away."

I kept my eyes trained outside. If I looked at her, I would only get mad. And not mad as in crazy…although she does make me feel crazy.

I closed my eyes.

I wasn't crazy to begin with. The pills didn't even do anything. They just made me drowsy. If they were anti-crazy pills, I didn't need them. But I guess I would take them to make her happy.

We arrived back at our house at around six o'clock. She immediately began to cook and told me to make myself at home…as if it weren't my home anymore.

I walked up the stairs and walked into the room that, not too long ago, I had hurt my mother in. I slid the closet door open and stared down at the floor. I could still see her expression, looking up at me. It wasn't a normal expression of fear. She seemed to be getting annoyed. I guess I would too if my child kept trying to kill me.

I sat down in front of the closet and sighed.

The front door opened and closed. My mother said hello, and I immediately realized the voice that spoke back to her.

My ears perked up.

"Your sister is upstairs," my mother said. She didn't seem to happy…but she did seem to be relieved to find out that Aiden wasn't dead. A ten year old roaming the streets for months at a time didn't always end well.

I kept my eyes on the ground, even when I knew that he was standing in the doorway, watching me.

He sat down next to me, "Hey…can you tell me something?"

I nodded once.

"Were you crazy," he asked cautiously, "Or were you just angry that she sent you to that asylum?"

"You're too young to know about this kind of thing," I laughed to myself, "But I wasn't exactly in my right mind. I wouldn't say that I was crazy, though."

He pulled his knees to his chest and laid his head down on his knees. I could feel his eyes on me.

I turned my attention to him, "I'm sorry."

"About what," he asked.

"Scaring you," I straightened my legs out.

"You didn't scare me…you were right. You never did anything to hurt me."

"But you shouldn't have to worry about it," I said louder.

He became silent and put his hand in my pocket. He took out my pills and studied them for a moment before standing up. I watched as he walked over to the window and opened the top of the container.

"What are you doing," I asked, narrowing my eyes in confusion.

He pulled out the screen and poured my pills out the window.

Once all were out, he threw the bottle down and looked back at me, "You're not crazy, Mika. I'm not worried about anything."

I smiled slightly and stood.

~ The Next Night ~

Crazy? No. No. No. No. No. NO! Stop it!

I started to pull at my hair. My mind wouldn't stop reeling and I couldn't stop thinking about the asylum. The fears that enveloped me every single day that I was in there…

That girl…

That stupid girl that kept visiting me.

No one saw her. Why did I only see her? I'm not crazy.

For God's sakes…I'm not crazy!

I shot up in bed and looked over at my door. My body was drenched in my own sweat as I made my way out my door and down the stairs.

I needed my pills.

I needed to go get my pills.

I stopped myself.

But I'm not crazy.

I swung the door open and stepped out the door. I walked over to the bushes and knelt down. I felt around blindly, trying to find my medication. The only one I found was covered in dirt…

I couldn't take that.

I growled and sat down. I began to scratch at my skin. I dug my nails into it and started to rock back and forth.

My mother walked outside, "Mika?"

I widened my eyes and glanced over at her.

She walked over to me and knelt down, "What are you doing out here?"

I began to giggle, "Aiden poured my medication out here last night before dinner. I haven't taken my medication in two days…"

She stood straight and took a step back.

I turned my head to face her. I tilted my head slightly and smiled as I widened my eyes, "Want to play a game?"

She cussed and ran away. This time she didn't run inside, but kept running down the street.

I stood straight and watched her.

I began to laugh.

"I'm not crazy, mommy," I screamed at her as I picked up a piece of wood from the ground. I tilted my head downwards and smirked before I began to chase after her.

But, mark my words…

I'm not crazy.

I've never been crazy.