Welcome! This one is one I wrote a long time ago and never got a chance to finish.

This is a series called My Haunting Life. It's about a girl named Skylar Hunter who moves into an old house with her parents. The house has been there since 1896 and has been standing there since. After a week of moving in, Skylar meets a handsome, teenage ghost boy named Victor, who used to live there. Skylar falls for him when she discovers her ability to be able to touch Victor instead of going through him. The only problem is trying to keep her parents from freaking out and moving away.

Like I said before, I wrote this when I was 10 or 11 and it's not as detailed. I'll try to update if I can.

Character info:

Skylar Hunter

Age: 13

Hair: black with red streaks, waist length

Eyes: They somewhat change depending on her mood. Often a hazel with golden specks, brighter when happy, energetic, or excited; darker when sad, gloomy, or bored. They also get a reddish-orange tint when mad.

Fun Fact: Skylar has a weird ability to 'feel' the presence of a spirit. Her eyes turn golden yellow if she feels it, bright if stronger, darker if weaker. She has always felt them around her but never met one until now. She can also seem to 'touch' Victor as if he were real.

Victor Black (1896-1911)

Age: 116. Physical age is 14.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Gray (Can't really tell. He's transparent)

Fun Fact: Victor has been haunting the Hunter's residence since he died in 1911. He was killed in an electrical storm when a bolt of lightning came through his window and killed him. He still has that burn mark on his chest where the lightning hit. He can't leave the town because the electrical storm affected that town so badly that it made an invisible wall that Victor can't get through. He falls for Skylar when she moves in.

So please don't hate me for not updating. No flames please! Enjoy and please be patient with me. I will post a A/N in all fanfics about contest once I find a good date. Thank you.


The Spirit Awakens

Chapter One: Moving In

"Well, what do you think, Skylar?" Mrs. Hunter asked. Skylar Hunter was too busy watching the window on the second floor that she didn't hear her mother. "It's pretty cool, Mom. Just want to look at the garage real quick," she said, just as the moving van came.

It was a sunny day in the Hunter's new town of Wildwood. It was September, so there was school. But it's only Saturday so Skylar had an extra day to get used to things.

The reason why Skylar wants to look at the garage is because she wants to she how big it is. She is a good musician. Back in her old town, she had transformed the garage into a hangout area for her and her friends when they played. But now that she moved, they have to wait for her to say if they can keep up the band.

Skylar is the lead singer and base player. Her band is called 'Supernatural' due to her love of the paranormal. Sometimes, they create new songs or sing songs that are already out and sing them. The song they sing the most is 'Every Time We Touch ' by Cascada, one of her favorite music artist.

Another thing she likes is watching shows about people who had paranormal experiences. They were just recreations of true stories that really happened. Sometimes, Skylar will turn on one of those shows, turn off the lights, close her door, and just sit there, on her bed, watching the show, sometimes jumping when something appeared out of nowhere on the TV. She loves it.

Skylar lifts up the garage door and studies the garage. It's huge! Plenty of room for extra boxes and still enough space for rehearsals and concerts. The only thing she needed was her band.

There were three other members in her band besides her. Kelly, the keyboardist; Nate, the drummer; and finally Cassandra, base and backup singer. She missed them so much. But thankfully, they were only an hour away from the new house, so they could still play together.

Skylar decided to look around the house. Hopefully, she will find a good room for her bedroom.

Entering the house, Skylar got a strange feeling. Something wasn't right. She only got this when there was a… no. Skylar shock her head. "It's just moving in for the first time, Sky, that's all," she said to herself.

She went up the stairs. Walking down the hall, she pauses at a mirror in the hallway. She gasped when her sees that her eyes are a golden yellow. She shakes her head and continues down the hall. She found a room at the end of the hall and opens the door.

When she entered the room, that same feeling like the one she felt downstairs came to her. Only stronger. Nothing she has ever felt before. Her stomach felt like there were a million butterflies in there, beating their wings rapidly.

Skylar took a step into the room and instantly, that feeling was gone. She just stood there, puzzled. She shrugged and studied the room. Perfect. She ran down the stairs and out the front door.

"Hey mom, I found a good room to be my bedroom," she said. Her mom was standing at the car while her dad talked to the movers. "That's great, sweetie," her mom said. She looked at her face.

"What?" Skylar asked. "Are you okay?" her mom asked. "Its just… when I went into the house,

I got this feeling, like there something not right inside the house," Skylar replied.

"Its probably just being in the new house for the first time, Skylar," her mom says sweetly. Skylar nods and turns to the house. She stared at the window of her new bedroom, almost as if a pair of eyes were staring right back at her.

A few hours later, Skylar was sitting in her bed, her CD player in her hand. She put the headphones in and hit Play. The song 'The River Flows in You' played softly in her ears. She tapped her fingers as if she were playing the piano.

Most of her stuff was unpacked, as well as most of the other stuff in the house. It was 6:35 at night and Skylar was wearing her favorite pair of PJ's: a red tank top with black angel wings on the back and black sweat pants. Her waist length black and red hair was tied into a high ponytail.

She was sitting on her bed, listening to music, when she heard it. Thump, thump, thump.


Skylar removed her headphones and hit Pause. She sat there, listening. For the first twenty-five minutes, there was nothing. Probably her parents, she thought. She looked at her clock. 7:00. Her parents were asleep by now.

Skylar was about to put her headphones back in when suddenly. Thump, thump, thump. The footsteps. Skylar got out of bed and tiptoed to the door. She pulled the door open quietly and slowly. She peeked out her head.

Nothing. Skylar went down to her parents room. She peeked in. They were sound asleep. Then where did the footsteps come from? Skylar slipped back into her room quickly and quietly. She sat on her bed and tried to think what made those footsteps.

Then she got it. It was the house. The house is very old, made around 1896. Its creaking makes it sound like footsteps and the old floor.

Skylar shrugged her shoulder, put her CD player away, and slipped into her blanket. Soon, she fell fast asleep, unaware that this is only the beginning.

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