Kathryn looked down at her laptop and just stared not sure what to write to her ex. She was so angry and confused.

"Gods I hate him!" she spoke to herself in anger.

First he told her that he loved her and would never get over her and then she has to find out from a friend that he had a new girlfriend. One of his exes too. Kathryn sighed and stood up stretching her muscles. Her phone started to scream at her. She picked up.

"Hello who is this?"

"Hey Kat!" came the cheery voice of her ex Kevin.

She hung up on him with barely a sigh. A Skype message popped up. It was from Christian the cute guy in her Religious Studies class. She gave a small smile and opened up the chat.

Wanna call? – Christian

Yeah sure – Kathryn

Skype's ringtone came up. It read incoming call Christian Ferguson. She smiled and clicked accept.

Christian's pale white face appeared his leaf green eyes wide and made bigger by the pitch black eyeliner that he wore and his long black hair fringe hung over his one eye. Her first image was that of a lion's mane. She laughed at him. Christian smiled back.

"Hey" he said

"Hi." Kathryn replied

They chatted for about an hour

"I got to go to sleep now Kat see ya!" Christian said and ended the call.

Kathryn was also tired and logged out and put on a Batman tank top and a pair of black hot pants with the Batman logo on it. She climbed into bed and fell asleep.

The next morning she woke up. She sighed and set about getting ready for her day. She put on her black skinny jeans and her Black Veil Brides tank top. She put on heavy eyeliner and mascara. She straightned her black hair and grabbed her sling bag. She sighed another day of staring into Kevins face while he hurt her by flaunting Bonnie.

Kathryn looked around when she got to school. Monica looked at her and gave a happy smile.

Kathryn just walked away and went to the bathroom. Some of the cheerleaders walked in and started gossiping.

"Oh My Gosh did you hear about that Goth girl what was her name Raven I think she committed suicide last night."

Her world reeled and I fell to the floor.