A fact

They call me a child I'm only eighteen.

They say I'm incompetent,

I comprehend that they don't understand me.


Tell me that I can not make my own decisions,

Am I not my own being?

All of this and more have been challenging me,

yet I will and shall over come it.


My name means helper of mankind,

I shall help mankind,

just as I shall help myself.

My life is a mess,

and this just proves it.


Born without a true plan,

Stolen from my parents before I was one,

raised by grandparents not realizing what I can do,

treated like a slave,

belittled when I didn't help.


This was my life growing up.

Father getting me back,

learning to be a child slightly,

never losing my cleaning habits.

Forgot what it was to be a child at age of eleven.


This is a hard life for a kid like me.

Never truly having a child hood,

never knowing what it was to have siblings,

at least until I was seven.

Yes, it is hard,

I have fun,

age eighteen,

and my boyfriend says I act a bit like a kid,

I smile and laugh,

I tease and make a fool of myself.


Is that not what kids are supposed to do?

My life was once hard,

now I see an easy path, well worn with love,

and happiness leading the way for me.

Sure there are bumps in the road,

but no road is perfect unless you want to be bored.